TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

First up-close look at Washington mudslide

Clothing, a tattered flag, and pieces of daily life are strewn at the scene of the massive mudslide. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> we're getting a firsthand look now at the massive mudslide that took dozens of lives in washington state . a slide so big it can be seen from space as this dramatic new satellite image shows us. and the search for victims enters the 12th day. miguel almaguer has the latest.

>> reporter: this is our first upclose look at the damage where 28 people have died. and this morning, 20 are still missing. from this higher elevation, you can see the hillside that just sheared off. and look at how much ground it covered. 1 square mile slid down this mountain.

>> the hill didn't just slide away , the bottom blew out with an incredible amount of energy, came across this debris field and pushed all of this material.

>> you can see this huge tree that's been toppled over. looks like clothes from a family draped around it. pieces of everyday life strewn everywhere. this is one of those ominous signs work crews look like they found something. they've discovered another body here, so we're going to stop shooting. it's heartbreaking work here. the teams are combing through people's lives, picking apart this area stick by stick. it's pain stakingly slow. this is what you find at the entrance to the search zone, a tattered flag pulled from the rubble, a symbol of hope. and for now, of recovery. for "today," nbc news, oso, washington.