TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Big Papi snaps selfie with President Obama

World Series MVP hitter David Ortiz, nicknamed “Big Papi,” took a selfie with Obama after the president welcomed the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox to the White House. The shot got more than 33,000 retweets. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> tamron's over in the orange room for carson. big day at the --

>> i think everyone agrees this was a pretty cool moment, yes. the world champions came to town. the red sox meeting with the president. look at all the smiles there. i've got a quiz for you, can you tell me who this is?

>> that is -- one second.

>> you got it?

>> can you put it up for one second?

>> that's chuck todd .

>> that would be funny if it was chuck todd . now, this is white house press secretary and red sox superfan jay carney .

>> oh.

>> he wore the beard in honor of the team. the president joked he didn't recognize the red sox because they'd all shaven. but i've delayed long enough. because this is the moment everyone was talking about. big poppi with the president preparing to take his official photo. then, he went rogue.

>> looks like it might fit him better than me, though.

>> all right. let's get a good picture here.

>> do you mind if i take my own?

>> oh, he wants to do a selfie.

>> yes, sir. yes, sir.

>> big poppi selfie.

>> and you can bet it was trending. over 33,000 retweets. and this was the end result. look at those smiles there. a good day in washington . the other moment everyone's talking about. johnny gomes . guys, it's true, he wore, i think, the cleanest jacket in town that day. the flag there. we asked people to tweet us their patriotic outfits. look at these cutis and the pups there. exciting day in washington , d.c. red, white and blue all the way.

>> it's a big sports week in washington .

>> setting a precedent for the