TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Matt and Al to make cameos in ‘Sharknado 2’

Matt Lauer and Al Roker announce on TODAY that that they’ll be seen in the upcoming horror flick “Sharknado 2” and shot their cameo appearances in the film on Tuesday. They share a sneak peek from the movie, which debuts July 30 on Syfy.

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>> move!

>> that would definitely happen. 7:30 now on a wednesday morning. april 2nd , 2014 . you know what that is, it's "sharknado" that huge blockbuster from last summer.

>> you might want to cut away from that part. that gets a little gross. it was a made for tv movie about a freak hurricane.

>> guess what, "sharknado" is coming to new york, and a lot of people at this table are jealous. you and al have a cameo in "sharknado 2"?

>> yes, we can officially announce that al and i will be in "sharknado 2." i want to share a little sneak peek with you.

>> think of it this way, this is a twister with teeth. enough said.

>> enough said indeed, al. thank you very much.

>> ahh!

>> we're back live. i want to thank you for watching the "today" show, we now resume our regularly scheduled programming.

>> ahhh!

>> let me explain the green pillow there.

>> why didn't you go into acting?

>> we gave away the whole climax of the movie. that is the pivotal scene in the entire movie.

>> you killed the shark.

>> i was wrestling a shark for 20 minutes in the studio. you would have been dirty, too. it debuts wednesday, july 30th , on the sy-fy channel.

>> who are you wearing?

>> just in time for oscar