TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Giada cooks quick, easy herbed chicken dish

TODAY contributor and celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis shows Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb an easy way to prepare a tasty herbed chicken dish along with spring vegetables.

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>>> "today's" kitchen so you can cook with us. we're making the dish you selected.

>> giada de laurentiis is here with a fresh and simple idea for chicken using spring vegetables and underneath her clothes she is bone naked. you can make tonight's dinner.

>> hey.

>> the guys are talking about you, letting you know.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah. it is spring. april 1st . i decided to show up for work. awesome. so we have a pledge raff different spring vegetables. snap peas , different colored carrots, mushrooms. what i thought would be fun since your viewers wanted chick chick chicken , we're going to flavor the chicken . so thyme, parsley, a little garlic, pepper flakes.

>> one other thing, but we probably --

>> fennel seed. you take the chicken . instead of making a whole chicknd wchic chicken the way the guys wanted, which makes it more difficult.

>> they just want to watch you carve it up.

>> what i like to do is put the herbs underneath the skin. and it makes it look really pretty and also flavors it. makes it a wonderful aroma. you take the chicken after you did all that, and put it in the pan.

>> oil in the bottom there.

>> little oil. and for about five minutes you can brown it. okay? you get a nice sort of -- and this makes everything smell good. take the chicken , put it in there for me. do you cook at all?

>> every time.

>> not much. i like to cook once in a while , but --

>> thanksgiving is the only take she cooks.

>> blah, blah, blah.

>> that's the thing.

>> we're getting somewhere here, ladies. we're getting somewhere. anyway, you finish the chicken in the oven for 15 minutes . and then you make the sauce.

>> uh-huh.

>> oh, lord.

>> oh, no. i'm stuck in the middle of this now. you take the carrots and the mushrooms and snap peas and you --

>> could you use anything you like?

>> you can use any vegetable you want.

>> thank you, giada .

>> anything. whatever you want .

>> her mother's stuffing is the best ever.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you cook these down for a few minutes.

>> that's when it happens. mark this day on your calendar, people who go, when is it going to happen? today's the day.

>> and then what?

>> and you cook the vegetables down for another five minutes.

>> wow.

>> turn that down so you don't burn yourself.

>> like you care.

>> okay. we cook it down for another five minutes and kathie lee -- i think it is on high.

>> no, it is not.

>> are you sure?

>> it's off.

>> okay. you cook the veggies. the chicken is out of the oven like that and you just go like that. and, yes, any vegetables will do, kathie lee . it doesn't really matter.

>> people will wonder about that at home, giada . i care about the people at home.

>> that's right.

>> i know you do.

>> let me cut a piece for you. not as good as your mom's stuffing, but i'm sure it's delicious.

>> have a veggie.

>> here, try this.

>> no, thank you.

>> here, try it!

>> okay.

>> only because of giada .

>> because giada made it. anyhow, any veggies.

>> the spices --

>> delicious.

>> all right, giada , you're the best.

>> you are.

>> you guys uncoupling or whatever that word is.

>> we're consciously uncoupling.