TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

‘Guys Tell All’ panelist quizzed by his own wife

The Guys Tell All panel of Josh Segarra, Rick Younger, Chuck Nice and Bob Guiney discuss ways women can convince men to touch them more, and offer tips for getting more attention from guys. In addition, Younger faces questioning from a surprising source.

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>>> time now to find out what your man is really thinking when our "guys tell all," we gathered the panel and they're here to algser your relationship questions. first up, jay sagara from "sirens" which airs on usa. and comedian and actor rick younger, married with one son.

>> love him.

>> third in the lineup, comedian and married father of three, he says they're his, chuck nice , seen tonight on hgtv's "that's so house hunters ." another one?

>> and last but not least, divorced and still single bob guiney .

>> all right. just epically sad. let's go across the street for our first question.

>> my husband thinks he knows everything about relationships, how can i get my husband to stop giving women advice about their relationships?

>> i'm speechless.

>> that happens to be rick's wife. april fool 's.

>> i was wondering why she was hanging out at the house so long. don't you have a job? your husband is blessed and highly favored. what's his name.

>> but i still want you to answer the question.

>> say the question again.

>> how can i get my husband to stop giving women advice about their relationships?

>> i would recommend a butt naked run through. he'll be so preoccupied, he'll keep his mouth shut.

>> butt naked run through always works.

>> before we go any further, i want to say, if the next question my girlfriend shows up --

>> that would be problematic, wouldn't it? yes.

>> here we go. viewer e-mail. from ashley. my boyfriend and i have been living together for almost a year. before we lived together we are couldn't keep our hands off of each other. and now i have to beg to be touched. he is more interested in his ipad and espn than me and it makes me feel unwanted. what should i do or say to not hurt his feelings but to get my point across.

>> she has to instigate it. hear me out. i think at this point, it is one of those things you got to set the ipad down and make the moment to have some intimacy. i can't believe i'm saying something serious right now, but because at the end of the day , it is, like, she's as invested as he is, and you got to set down the ipad --

>> sounds like he's not invested.

>> his eyes are going to the ipad.

>> god only knows what's on that?

>> we know. not only god knows what's on it, i know what's on it.

>> your fiancee is here.

>> i just moved in with her last july. when you first move in with somebody, you have a roommate now and they're not just your girlfriend. now a roommate and you're learning how to live with each other and all the quirks. it is on both sides. the woman has got -- i think the man has to as well. you have to make her feel sexy, make her feel like she's the woman in the relationship.

>> maybe it is what you say about the bust thing.

>> that's what it is. no man loves for s runs for a bus once he's already on it. you got to get off the bus. there are people who are looking at your wife, your girlfriend with the same eyes you used to look at her with. you got to remember, if you're not doing the things you did to get her, somebody else will.

>> if she gets another bus.

>> yes.

>> buses break down. what does the bus company do? they send out another bus.

>> they're going to answer more questions. and charlie daniels .

>>> we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday with more of our "guys tell all" panel.

>> we have josh segarra and chuck and rick and the still single radio host bob guiney .

>> all right.

>> we're working on it.

>> out on the street.

>> this is lisa from west virginia and my question is what is the most appealing attribute a man would look for in an older woman?

>> someone who looks just like you, lisa.

>> oh, yeah.

>> did you like what i just --

>> good answer.

>> you like the way i sucked up to you?

>> i did.

>> wasn't that good?

>> you did a good job.

>> you look for personality characteristics, love, loyalty, honesty and to be able to down a bottle of vodka.

>> somebody confident in who they are and confident in themselves.

>> do you guys like older women?

>> i do, yes.

>> my fiancee is older than i am. i can't say it, she'll kill me. a few years older. just somebody that is confident, that it has to be on both sides. if she's going to walk around and be ensecure aboinsecure about it all t he time, it is a turnoff. i think it is sexy for -- i'm an old soul. i like -- if you look at my ipad and music it oates redding, marvin gay . you're on there.

>> that's old, baby.

>> every once in a while , i listen to -- it is like kids got to do their swing thing.

>> women have it figured out. they have dated those guys. they to get through the rich guys to get to --

>> they had to get through all those guys.

>> and how to cook a whole chicken. they don't buy a chicken in parts. make a meatloaf, you know?

>> youtube everything. know some stuff up here.

>> she ran through butt naked holding a chicken.

>> and a knife like this, exactly. what do you want? what do you want?

>> let's go --

>> we told you wouldn't learn a thing.

>> teach katie something. she says my husband never takes me out anymore. his excuse is we don't have the money to do so. whenever i convince or drag him out of the house, i always pay. however, if he wants to go out with his friends or buy something for his car, there is always money in the budget. why doesn't he want to take me out?

>> here's what you do. you tell him, start having sex with your friends and your car. that's what you need to do. seriously, you got money to go out with your buddies but not with your wife?

>> there is a bigger problem.

>> they go out, she needs to --

>> one of those marriages where they keep everything separate.

>> more problems than what they're talking about.

>> you pay for it because she pays for it. if she stops paying for it --

>> a lot of trouble right now. i have a 14-year-old daughter, but this is also how i was raised. if you are a woman, you should never pay for anything ever. and the reason is is because you got what we want. as long as you got what we want, you should never pay. because you can rest assured, if the tables were turned, we would bleed you dry.

>> wow.

>> maybe we did learn something.

>> maybe we did. one more from the crowd. one more from the crowd.

>> hi, my name is anna from aanypla indianapolis, indiana. what is best way to get a woman's attention without being too forward.

>> a man's attention. what is the best way.

>> you got to let them know. i don't know if it is eyes or a smile, but you have to let us know because we're nervous. wants to talk to a girl -- girls have a lot of power, like, girls make men feel like insecure.

>> for women, all you have to do is put yourself in the line of fire. just hold the gaze a few seconds longer and nothing creepy and scary.

>> sometimes women are too forward and they don't give you a door. you got to -- i think men should approach.

>> you like to be the hunter.

>> yes.

>> a little mystery.

>> that was excellent.

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