TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Kathie Lee to America: Who is Pharrell??

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about “The Voice” adding writer and singer Pharrell Williams as a judge for the next season, and wonder why Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are shooting another reality TV show when their marriage is on the rocks.

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>> hello, everybody. welcome to booze day tuesday. just happens to align this year with april 1st . april fool 's day. and it is true that hoda and i are both having twins. so don't believe it when our spokespeople deny it.

>> or we start looking bloated. that's what it is. we have a great show today. we have charlie daniels .

>> love him.

>> just downstairs.

>> love him.

>> sizzles.

>> a guest on my podcast a couple of weeks ago and i love this man. i've known him forever. he was on some of bob dylan 's original nashville recordings. he has a brand new cd all acoustical, all ten songs, which is fantastic.

>> we have our guys tell all panel. we have td jakes ' daughter here, sarah.

>> beautiful.

>> has a fascinating story to tell of being lost and then being found, yeah. we'll talk to her in a little bit. hey!

>> okay.

>> so just when we taught tori spelling was getting her life together, and happy with her husband and how many children does she have now? eight?

>> they announced they were breaking up. that's a terrible and sad thing. not only are they -- they made that announcement, they made another announcement, they're going to do a docuseries about trying to repair their troubled marriage, called "true tori " airing on lifetime in late april and the press release, this is how they're selling it, calls it a unique television event where they will allow the audience to witness the most difficult and unpredictable period in tori 's life.

>> which begs the question, why in the world would you open yourself up to that, if it is such an, indeed, terrible, trying time in your life, why make it worse, why complicate it with cameras everywhere. and i don't understand docuseries as opposed to reality -- how do they differentiate?

>> it sounds more high brow , doesn't it?

>> it is the same thing.

>> same thing probably.

>> i like tori . i've grown to see how hard she -- she is a hard working girl, and she loves this man, loves these kids, from all accounts she's a terrific mom. but it is almost like gwyneth paltrow and chris martin right now, what they want, you know, to document everything they're going through right now --

>> their life is documented. i find it weird, with more and more reality stars we meet and tori is an actress, she's known more for her reality stuff, they seem to divide their life up in seasons. when we meet them, how are you doing? oh, my god, we're in season nine. they break up their lives like that. it is not even -- they're saying you're not going to know that i broke up with my boyfriend, that's in the third one coming up.

>> so in a sense, ironically, they lose their very sense of reality.

>> and i do think if you --

>> that's deep. write it down.

>> if you really want to repair your relationship, i don't think a docuseries. lindsay is trying to do that now and other people are trying to fix, repair, mend themselves through television series . i can't imagine that really works in the long haul. may work right now because we want to see what it's like and there are people who are going through divorces who may watch t o ori and dean and say, oh, these are the tools they used, maybe we can try that.

>> having been through tough stuff in my own life, being well known when that happened already, the best thing i did was went away, shut it down, go home, lock your doors, turn off the tv, don't read anything, and work at what makes you happy, which is your family and your marriage and -- and i don't think i would be married if i hadn't done that. and i also -- i think i know for sure my kids would not be what they are today had they been forced to be exposed. i just think it is -- you pay a horrendously high price. and i love the scripture that says -- i'm not -- this is not a judgment on anybody, but just a reminder, what does it profit a man or a woman if they gain the whole world and use their very soul. and people have no idea how easy it is to become soulless. nobody sets out to say, i think i'll go lose my soul today. it is a process. and you know what the process is all about, hodawoman?

>> tell me.

>> choices. every day we have choices. do i sound like i'm --

>> preaching?

>> yeah.

>> a little bit.

>> just that sarah jakes is here and her daddy would like.

>> praise jesus. all right, anyway, think of been married for seven years and they have four children. we reached out for comment because we are nbc news. and we have not received a response because they didn't call us back. good news --

>> we wish them all the best. we want everybody -- we don't want conscious uncoupling. we're over it. we want you to work at it.

>> okay.

>> that from two divorced people. sad. that's sad what we just -- sad and hypocritical.

>> no, it isn't. i'll tell you why -- what you do when you're working at a marriage, you want it to last and someone divorces you and you really don't have any choice in it. are you then a hypocrite when you say --

>> that didn't happen to you.

>> it certainly did.

>> oh. i thought you did it.

>> no.

>> oh, well, i did it.

>> talking about you, hoda.

>> i did mine. anyway, let's talk about the voice.

>> if you ever read one of my books, you would know this.

>> i read the back covers of both.

>> there are ten.

>> all of them.

>> you came out for that signing of the stuff i'm not allowed it talk about. you came. it would have been lonely.

>> big announcement on the voice. pharrell williams is --

>> who is pharrell? because i'm happy because i'm happy clap along if you know

>> i know that song.

>> he's the one with the hat.

>> i know that.

>> so pharrell is -- he was the one also with robin thicke in "blurred lines." he is going to be the new cee lo . he'll be coaching the voice. what do you think of that? so he was a mentor.

>> i'm happy for him. want me to be happy for him?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> okay. happy if you feel

>> thank you. so anyway chris martin made his debut as a mentor and was in the show yesterday for -- he sprinkled in, we'll call it that.

>> i heard there was very