TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Al, Tamron and Will star in awkward family photo

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker, and Tamron Hall show off their TODAY family photo spoof, in which (with the help of some computer image editing) they form a human pile with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, all wearing matching outfits. “It’s weird that we are all wearing denim at the beach in Hawaii,” quips Geist. “It was hard to breathe down there.”

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>> welcome to "today" on tuesday morning, and it is april, folks. april 1st , 2014 . great crowd again out on the plaza this morning. willie geist along with al roker and tamron hall . natalie is out on assignment.

>> were you tempted at all today to try an april fool prank?

>> i'm not a big april fool 's guy.

>> i couldn't think of a good one. like savannah giving me the oreo cookie with the toothpaste. but, you know, if it's good. i can't come up with a good one.

>> i feel like you knew it was an april fool 's prank.

>> i didn't.

>> i was sitting right next to you.

>> we do have a thing and i do trust you and i trust al tremendously, whatever advice you offer up to me. but when you put oreo cookies in front of me --

>> right. it all goes --

>> it's like, i think it's -- i've got to eat this! so i did.

>> it's a --

>> exactly.

>> i know it's there.

>> i know this is wrong and i'm going to get trapped. i'm going for it.

>> you are helpless. i also have to point out one other thing, you did a very funny segment about awkward family photos. and you stunned all of us because we hadn't seen this one long lost photograph of the "today" show family.

>> this is us on vacation.

>> hawaii a couple years ago?

>> yeah, i asked everyone to wear denim.

>> it's weird we wear all denim to the beach in hawaii.

>> that's what you do. an awkward family photo.

>> you're supposed to be wearing hawaiian shirts . instead, we've got the denim.

>> denim.

>> nothing says i love you like denim.

>> it was hard to breathe down there on the bottom.

>> i know.

>> look at you, willie. you're so smiling and so composed. and i love your brown belt highlighting your waist.

>> tamron's wearing mom jeans .

>> we're all wearing mom jeans .

>> i was rendered speechless for the first time in my life.

>> the mere thought of it, sent you into a panic.

>> al, question for you.

>> yeah?

>> where were you last wednesday? dallas ft. worth?

>> i was at a restaurant.

>> at the airport ?

>> i was.

>> that's interesting, because a man ended up on the tarmac at dallas-ft. worth airport last wednesday for nearly 20 minutes after he exited a fire escape door in one of the airport restaurants by accident. apparently the fire alarm wasn't working, he found the tarmac. he was looking for the restroom. construction workers spotted him wandering around with two bags looking. he was arrested for public intoxication. an airport official said the man did not pose a risk to passengers since he'd gone through airport security , fully screened, just walked out the wrong door and kind of stayed there for 20 minutes looking for his flight.

>> but he was drunk?

>> he was drunk, apparently, allegedly.

>> allegedly. he was charged. hasn't been proven.

>> right.

>> i think if i were him, that's what i would go with.

>> exactly.

>> i would go with that one.

>> yes, i had had margaritas.

>> i was there at tgi and i had one too many.

>> the other options put you in further trouble.

>> let's go with that --

>> i love that he stayed out there, 20 minutes . got the bags.

>> where's my plane? these gates look different from here.

>> am i supposed to walk up to the thing?

>> how do i get up there?

>> it's pretty crazy you can walk out one door and get on the tarmac.

>> and it's a great airport . very modern --

>> like that sky train .

>> the sky train . it's a very modern airport . just surprises me you can walk from a restaurant on to the tarmac. it's just -- seems there should be one more layer of security.

>> just such a huge airport .

>> it is.

>> and you know how many doors there are in an airport . you know, there's one -- the one that probably leads to a portal to some parallel universe .

>> you just slide down somewhere.

>> and, boom.

>> yeah.

>> you're somewhere else .

>> got to see that movie.

>> let's find it. first we go to the restaurant --

>> get liquored up on margaritas.

>> and start --

>> find the portal. i like it. we're finished.

>> this is why i hang out with my girls. guy conversations go --

>> you calling us girls ?

>> no, always ends in star wars or some strange thing with boys.

>> what's your point?

>> nothing. here's my point.

>> can i talk about -- he's in star wars .

>> these are not the stories you're looking for.

>> no, they're not. here's a story i'm looking for because i love this. a dramatic rescue in the pacific ocean caught on camera over the weekend. so this sailor was participating in this around the world yacht race from china to san francisco .

>> yeah.

>> sounds amazing. tough to participate in something like this. well, 46-year-old andrew taylor from london apparently was changing a sail when he fell over the side of the boat into the sea, 2,500 miles from land.

>> this must be them calling a may day .

>> listen in.

>> look at the seas.

>> isn't that crazy? he was in the water for about an hour and a half before his mates were able to pull him to safety. he was wearing a life vest and a dry suit . i don't know what a dry suit is.

>> it's like a scuba suit that keeps you dry. it allows you to stay in much colder waters for longer --

>> he was treated for shock and possibly hypothermia but determined he was okay. the best part of this, this is a trooper. after all of this, that looks pretty scary, right? he rejoined the raid.

>> no.

>> yes! i mean, talk about like get back up on the horse.

>> playing hurt. that's incredible.

>> i guess he figures he's on the boat anyway.

>> yeah, i could be on the boat with hot chocolate downstairs while the rest of them do their thing.

>> very cool. we're glad --

>> all worked out.

>>> so y'all remember a couple of weeks ago we chatted about how scrabble's adding new words to the dictionary, viewers can nominate and vote on their favorite word. well, this morning, we have the inside scoop on the top 16 words that fans will get to vote on. one of those words will get into merriam webster official scrabble player's dictionary. on the phone right now is jonathan berkowitz. good morning, what do you have?

>> hi, guys, exciting news this morning. we're pleased to share some of the new words that made it into the top 16 words that fans are going to vote for on facebook. first word is hangry. the second word is ew, e-w. and really excited to announce the next word, it's digion.

>> april fool 's.

>> this is an april fool 's joke.

>> april fool 's. your producers and i got you.

>> jonathan , are you real? are you downstairs with the major league baseball guy? oh, you're a real person.

>> i'm a real person.

>> you do work for hasbro?

>> i do. i definitely do.

>> are you wearing pants?

>> my favorite question in the history of journalism. are you a real person?

>> is this a recording?

>> very real.

>> why is it so ridiculous that it would have --

>> we don't even use it anymore!

>> i use it all the time.

>> no, you don't.

>> you're right. i don't. we have 16 new words, new candidates and people can vote. how do they do it, jonathan ?

>> contenders can go to and to the hasbro game night facebook page to vote.

>> all right. we'll check it out. thanks very much, jonathan . appreciate it.

>> poor, jonathan .

>> i'm sticking with digion.

>> here's the problem, he went in too early.

>> he should've made --

>> he should've --

>> it is three or four.

>> i don't think he would've believed it then. because no one uses it.

>> i was trying to sell it.

>> here's the truth. when i first started, can you believe it's been a month, by the way.

>> don't say anything hateful right now.

>> i said to you, willie, sell it, own it, believe in it, you didn't sell it until now when they'd made the list.

>> i believe in it. it's our baby.

>> i was going to say.

>> your baby --

>> your baby and your awkward home photo. okay. your awkward family photos. not my baby. your baby. all right.