TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Dress to impress during April showers

Lucky magazine’s Eva Chen joins TODAY with some style tips for you and your family on how to dress stylishly as well as sensibly in the rain.

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>> well, you know that sound. with the start of april comes the start of the stormy days. you're going to want to be prepared.

>> the rain does not have to dampen your style. editor in chief of "lucky" magazine, eva, thanks for joining us.

>> thanks for having me.

>> i love we're covering the entire family.

>> exactly.

>> we are.

>> our first family up, you've got the whole crew with us. jean, wiley and lucy .

>> how adorable do they look? jean is in a bright green green super lightweight coat. we love her ankle boots, they are from jeffrey campbell . and it's great because they're ankle, baa uz a lbecause a lot of questions we get, they don't fit over my calves. and then we have wiley who is wearing a gap super lightweight and lucy in a clear backpack, as well. floral just kind of really adorable.

>> i love the modern pop of all of this. it has this futuristic theme going on.

>> that daisy raincoat on lucy is gorgeous.

>> it's adorable.

>> how about the boots?

>> they're fantastic. they're actually really lightweight, which is great because one of the worst part about rain shoes, they're so heavy. you clomp around in them all day. just $90. and lucy 's shoes, we love, love, love.

>> i'm obsessed with those.

>> those are like the jellies coming back.

>> transparency's coming back in a big, big way. and also grunge. '90s grunge is back in a big way for teenagers.

>> thank you so much.

>> let's bring in eman and john.

>> well, this is a really great date night look. you don't have to look dreary when you're on date night in the pouring rain. first of all, that umbrella, how cute is that umbrella?

>> i love that.

>> that's one of the umbrellas you can't leave at a restaurant.

>> it won't look like everybody else's.

>> exactly. it'll stand out. she looks great. wearing a cute lands end lightweight jacket, great jewel tone, super pretty and it pops and she looks cute. i mean, it really stands out. we love --

>> the jacket has al's name on it for a special reason.

>> it's waxed cotton, it's from l.l. bean and an american classic . i can actually demonstrate.

>> sure.

>> i was hoping to pour water all over him, but i'm not going to do that.

>> okay.

>> you can kind of see it repels water. you can kind of see, right?

>> that's awesome.

>> cool.

>> i got water all over your set. but it's still dry.

>> still dry.

>> it's fantastic and it's also machine washable, which is fantastic. it's a great, great --

>> you've got overshoes on?

>> he has overshoes on. basically, you're on date night, you don't want to wear your soggy sneakers, put some overshoes on your nice shoes and you can take them off at the restaurant. $30.

>> great date night. you don't have to cancel.

>> exactly.

>> next up, we have an entire family. samantha, mark, thomas, ellouise along with their dog. cutest dog ever. hi, sweetie.

>> so she is in the cutest set ever.

>> adorable.

>> adorable. exactly what she is. the entire set is $75. and she is the cutest little lady bug ever. sam is in a bright yellow slicker. it's super cute. oops.

>> she's like over it. she's sick of the rain.

>> sam's slicker is bright yellow, impossible to miss, just adorable and it's classic.

>> very nice.

>> they're losing her.

>> and mark's shoes are from rockport, they are completely waterproof.

>> wow.

>> and they are super comfortable.

>> they look like a dress shoe . his raincoat was in the pouch. that is awesome.

>> it's great. if you think it's going to rain, you never know. keep it in the pouch, yo uh can take it out, and it's super lightweight .

>> we've lost eddie .

>> eddie , no, don't go bye-bye.

>> come back, eddie . there you go.

>> very good.

>> tell us quickly about eddie 's jacket.

>> it's from amazon, and it's adorable. just $12. and the whole family is bright and