TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Dad: People relate to tantrums ‘on primal level’

Dad and author Greg Pembroke joins TODAY to discuss his new book, “Reasons My Kid Is Crying,” and explain why so many people can relate to his kids’ tantrums.

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>>> of parenting, the meltdown. kids crying for any reason and sometimes you've just got to laugh.

>> that's what part-time stay at home dad ken discovered with his two toddler sons after doing everything he could to prevent meltdowns, he switched gears and embraced the moments snapping photos of his offspring mid-meltdown and posted the pictures online explaining the reason behind the tears and reasons my son is crying was born. the blog went viral overnight and submissions began pouring in from parents all around the world who could definitely relate. and it all led to greg's new book "reasons my kid is crying," good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> this has really caught on. even for people who don't have kids. why do you think that is?

>> well, i think that a lot of people relate to it just on a primal level. everyone loves that toddlers are able to express themselves in ways that, you know, society doesn't let us as adults. so i see a lot of people, i share pictures , people say this is me. he wasn't allowed another cookie, he couldn't have mommy's wine. those are the type of times people think, you know, that's how i feel. and i wish i could react that way.

>> the pictures are great. your captions are very funny. i love the simplicity of them. the first one is called "i broke this cheese in half." that prompted a meltdown.

>> and i want it to be said. this is the first picture i ever took of my sons having meltdown. i had them agree in advance that i was going to split the cheese and have them share.

>> we've got another one. the neighbor's dog isn't outside. that is devastating.

>> well, the boys -- my boys are like the neighborhood watch but for dogs. they are glued to the windows. they're always looking to see when the neighborhood -- and, of course, the dog is hardly ever outside.

>> and thus the reaction. here's one that is -- he took off his shoes and socks, his feet are now cold.

>> could not have seen this one coming.

>> a reason for tears.

>> totally unpredicted. believe me, i told him, hey, maybe you shouldn't, it's pretty cold outside, it's like 30 degrees out here.

>> by the way, how do your kids feel about taking pictures . i told him they couldn't run until they said go. hate those rules.

>> a whole race full of toddlers, and the only one thought he should start going when he felt like it.

>> the kids don't mind you taking the pictures ?

>> no, they want to see the photo and like to see the pictures of themselves.

>> there's a method to your madness. i like that. so as savannah mentioned, you started to get thousands of pictures from people all around the world. let's take a look at a couple of the ones people sent you.

>> superman here is unhappy because his instant oatmeal was, in fact, not instant.

>> well, food preparation is very important to toddlers. and they should have heated it up faster.

>> here's another one. i told her i had to wash her face after dinner. i think mom should be crying to have to do that job.

>> yeah. you'll see soon enough, i think.

>> yeah, exactly. very cute. all right. we've got one. i thought we could take a cute big brother / little brother picture.

>> this one isn't mine, but it could have been. this is all the good plans gone awry.

>> now that you're going to be -- you have been posting these pictures online, obviously, everything that's online lives there forever. are you ever worried these are going to come back and haunt your kids when they're getting married and things like that? key moments in their lives?

>> i don't think they're going to lose out a job for crying when they were 2. and if they do, that's probably not a job they wanted to have.

>> that's probably right.

>> his sister blocked his kick, oh, the agony. there it is.

>> this is like the olympics. this picture is from greece.

>> well, the book is really fun. it's obviously caught on. thank you and congratulations.

>> thank you so much.