TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

How men and women shop for food differently

Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks joins TODAY to analyze a new survey from the magazine that looks at what ticks people off when it comes to their partners’ grocery store habits.

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>> we all know that men and women do many things differently. that includes something as simple as shopping for groceries. a new survey from folks at "consumer reports" looks at what ticks people off when it comes to their partner's grocery store habits.

>> hi, savannah.

>> the ladies, what are their top complaints about how their men shop.

>> wellious you know, if they think that men kind of are impulse buyers. they don't make a list, you know. and they treat themselves. it's kind of the flip side of what people think. it's surprising. and to me, it suggests, boy, we don't really know the undercurrent that's existing here. for example, you know, we think that we're all alike. and when we survey people from time to time about their shopping habits. how do you save? what do you do to be a smarter shopper? well, men and women, clip coupons, read nutrition labels. but when it comes to asking about the perception of another person --

>> yeah.

>> look at the differences. it's astounding.

>> i love this advice. i assume because --

>> maybe you've got something there.

>> what did men say about women? there's some overlap here.

>> yeah, that's kind of interesting. and maybe this is the old sitcom line. men always say women spend too much and they doddle. and again, make too many impulse buys. when i was looking at the results of this, i was trying to decide what to make of it. when it comes to supermarket shopping, kind of like the hatfields and mccoys. and they had to come from something like the cold war era , a detente. men should go in one direction and women should go in another and they should meet at one of the supermarket cafes sit down and have a snack and cup of coffee.

>> divide and conquer , right?

>> you got it.

>> and it is true that supermarkets are designed to get you to spend more.

>> the more time you spend in the store, the more time you spend from your pocket and an obstacle course. absolutely, average of 73 displays that gets you to slow down and notice the merchandise.

>> yeah.

>> and big carts, the bigger the cart, the more you spend.

>> take a basket.

>> yeah. and this is really interesting. you see a sign, ten for $10. 99 times out of 100, you just have to buy one. scan a circular, not everything on the weekly flyers are on sale. people pay advertising pieces. and tv isn't the only one that uses lighting to make people look good.

>> you mean the food doesn't look that good when it gets home?

>> strawberries look redder.

>> thank you so much.