TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

World’s biggest egg hunt set for NYC

Ruth Powys, CEO of Elephant Family, a charity devoted to saving endangered animals, joins TODAY to chat about the Faberge egg hunt that will kick off in Rockefeller Plaza. Eggs are hidden around the city for the hunt.

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>> to easter. this is, obviously, waldo. the nice folks are here.

>> we are launching today here in new york city the world's biggest ever egg hunt . it's the 21st century egg hunt . and you can find them and win treasures by using this really cool app they've developed.

>> how do you go looking for the egg?

>> well, you have to look pretty hard. you have to use your imagination. we've hidden them. there's 267, and when you find them, you check in on the app. and every time you find one, you have a great chance to win the amazing egg prizes.

>> there are three -- you've got three right now.

>> we've got one, two, and there's another one on someone else 's neck.

>> someone else 's neck. oh, our stage manager kate. well, there you go.

>> beautiful gemstone.

>> very nice.

>> and it's all raising money for nonprofits. 100% good.