TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Willard Scott presents milestone birthdays

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends special wishes to viewers celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

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>>> say hi to our good pal, mr. willard scott . hey, willie.

>> south seas island resort in southwest florida . where it's absolutely beautiful. come see it. anyway, happy birthday to all of our friends out there today, but especially our smucker's buddies. take a look, this is hazel imhoff in the great state of wisconsin. and we wish her a happy 100th birthday today. and she loves spending time with her family. lucia iodice is 100 years old, the bronx, new york , one of the biggest farms in new york state at one time. she loves to keep her house absolutely spotless. take a look at howard , a handsome fellow. howard , we love you. howard blount from portsmouth. he is 100 years old today and his secret to longevity is a positive attitude. james harrison from bartow, florida, secret to longevity is genetics. it's in the genes. this is robert prosser from conrad, iowa, 100 years old today. loves antiques. especially antique cars . this is carmella dellapietra 100 years old today, she says her secret to life is don't sweat the small stuff. that's it. that's all for right now in beautiful florida. these are just some of the people i owe money down here. hi, gang, how are ya? anyway, back to new york .

>> check's in the mail. willard, thank you.

>>> is it that good fit? sylvester stallone tells willie why "rocky" makes for the perfect musical.

>>> but first, a check of your local news and weather. matt, that cheeteau perfume.