TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Haute dog: Fashion for your four-legged friends

American Eagle has announced its new limited-edition Beagle collection, featuring matching human and canine clothes (though some wonder whether it’s just an April Fools’ joke).

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>> all right. and how about this? american eagle has announced their new american beagle collection. it's a clothing line that features matching human and canine clothes. take a look.

>> we ended up coming up with about 10 to 15 looks of the dog line. pattern, texture.

>> so is that real? is that fact or fools?

>> fool.

>> i think it's fact.

>> i'll go with fact.

>> fact?

>> the video was viral. but it also led to this. that's right. there is a line being released by american eagle . we've got models coming into our studio right now. we've got brody sporting a navy down puffer vest, both wearing brand classics such as the khaki pant and denim workwear. lauren and lottie wearing the brands acid wash flannel and a legging or destroyed legging.

>> it will be destroyed.

>> it'll be a limited edition collection ready for the holiday season .

>> this will be huge.

>> look at the hat that says selfie. and it's leaning in.

>> this will be huge.

>> i love this stuff.

>> i'm happy that's not an april fool 's joke.

>> it'll be available in stores and online. so sign up for that right now.

>> i'm getting my dog this.

>> i've got to tell you, i'm ashamed to admit it, i'm going to get pepper one of those.

>> by the way, between the toothpaste and the chee-tos spray -- and that's "what's trending