TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Savannah plays Oreo prank on TODAY anchors

TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie gives her co-anchors Oreos filled with toothpaste to play a sneaky April Fools’ Day joke on them.

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>> yeah.

>>> all right. if you ever feel forgetful from time to time, this one's for you. a new study, and apparently researchers discovered a quick fix to improve short-term memory. it's right inside -- a small serving of sweets can help in memorizing patterns. letters on the screen.

>> okay.

>> look at them. we're supposed to -- did y'all look? take a bite.

>> take a bite of what?

>> of the cookie.

>> of the cookie.

>> ready? go. okay. what does the number say?

>> wzqpfgt.

>> you're reading it.

>> how does your cookie taste?

>> it's minty. is there a minty oreo ?

>> does it taste like colgate.

>> it's probably toothpaste.

>> mine's fine.

>> no, it isn't.

>> you are the --

>> that's an idea.

>> it's a normal oreo .

>> mine is toothpaste. i can smell it. yeah.

>> was this your thing?

>> it's our producer's joke on all of you.

>> mine was delicious.

>> well, that's a mistake.

>> this had to be the -- this is about as lame as it gets.

>> wow.

>> you can't mess with someone's oreo . come on.

>> as an april fool 's joke, you tried to get us all to eat toothpaste?

>> and i ate it?

>> my bosses asked me to participate.

>> did your bosses ask you to jump off a bridge, would you?

>> if they gave me real oreos, i would.

>> can i go on record? i saw this coming from a mile away. i didn't touch my cookie.

>> can i go on record and tell you, they came to me early this morning and said we're going to give you real oreos.

>> really?

>> why?

>> i hate april fool 's day.

>> i'm no longer a team