TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Joe Biden reveals secret behind his smooth skin

On the “Rachael Ray Show” on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden revealed he uses a men’s Clinique with SPF 20 that his wife recommended.

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>>> social media also abuzz this morning, what's the subject? skin care . vice president joe biden 's smooth complexion was long admired by rachel rae. so he revealed his beauty regimen to her.

>> well, she said i should use clinique. and there's a men's clinique that has spf-20. she was worried about my face. so i do whatever jill tells me.

>> well, okay.

>> wow.

>> had to point out, it's a men's clinique.

>> yeah.

>> that yellow one, that's what i was thinking of.

>>> and 17-year-old singing sensation lor took to twitter to show it's okay not to be perfect with your skin. one edited so my skin is perfect. remember, that flaws were okay. she also instagrammed a photo of herself with acne cream on her face. again, she's 17, dealing with what a lot of 17-year-olds are dealing with. and she wanted people to know, it's okay.

>> she's awfully cool.

>> yeah.