TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Take a Picture With 'The Hoff' For April Fools’ Day

Jokes and pranks are popping up online for April Fools’, including one where Google Plus will drop add an image of actor David Hasselhoff to uploaded photos. Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> this is one of those days when you see it on the calendar, you think maybe i should just look around every corner. you never know what's going on.

>> actually, i think it's a sign of our emotional maturity that we have not done an april fool 's joke this morning.

>> or we're sleep deprived.

>> we've got three hour of show left.

>> bring it on.

>> we've only just begun.

>> we're here to provide a public service announcement . twitter actually just went online with something called the twitter helmet hd. allows you to wear a helmet and says typing your tweets to peck your tweet. don't fall for it. let's move on to some of these other ones. google maps , google has put out google naps. the best place to take a nap anywhere where you live. here's new york city , there are a few park benches.

>> i believe that.

>> we don't recommend you nap this afternoon on the park benches. this comes from youtube, they're trying to start a phenomenon called clocking whereby you stand and make your arms into the hands of a clock. and post it to youtube, the best one will get millions of views, surely not real. and finally --

>> you also get in trouble when you do 6:30.

>> unless you're just protecting yourself.

>> that was well played.

>> guarding against something.

>> of course your mind goes there.

>> yes, of course. and this last one is google plus. i love this one. it is real just for today for april fool 's, it's in google plus, you take a photograph on your iphone or android phone, it will put hasslehoff into all of your photos. they drop him into your pictures. that one's real. if you want the hoff in your photograph, today's the day.