TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Louisville, Memphis named worst allergy cities

Check out where your hometown ranks on the new list of the worst allergy cities in America. The Centers for Disease Control tell us more than 24 million people across the U.S. reported suffering from spring allergies just a few years ago. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> back at 7:42. and we're going to give you a warning tied to the arrival of spring. allergy season is around the corner, and it could be one of the worst in years. janet shamlian down in louisville , kentucky, good morning to you.

>> hi, matt, good morning. a park like this on a beautiful spring day could seem like heaven. especially after that endless winter we just had. but, in fact, it could be pure torture this year for allergy sufferers. we've got all this pollen coming down at once. while it's beautiful here in louisville , this city has the distinction as being the worst in america. for allergy sufferers. trees budding, sun shining, finally time to ditch the winter coats and enjoy the great outdoors. sounds good, right? believe it or not for a lot of people, the answer is no.

>> runny nose or i'm sneezing.

>> they run, they itch. i don't know what to do about it.

>> i'm allergic to pretty much everything.

>> experts say this spring's allergy season will be nothing to sneeze at. with climate change playing a role in the reaction.

>> certainly, there's evidence that because plants are now growing in places they haven't before, that the growing season is longer, which means there's a chance for a longer exposure to plants that might cause problems, and it could make that worse.

>> the long, brutal winter in many parts of the country might also mean that late flowering trees could release enormous amounts of pollen all at once.

>> how are you feeling today?

>> here in louisville , this allergy clinic has seen a 20% increase in patients in the past three years.

>> it traps allergen into the area, plus the temporate climate.

>> a new survey ranks louisville as the worst city to live in for spring allergy sufferers, followed by memphis, baton rouge , oklahoma city and jackson, mississippi.

>> i have the whole post nasal drip .

>> you can get relief.

>> most people can treat their seasonal allergies by avoiding the problem, that means running an early morning while the dew still holds the pollen on the ground and avoiding outdoor activity when the pollen is stirred up in the air.

>> one we all need to practice. so if you're really looking for relief, the best city in america is colorado springs , colorado, also denver is very good, daytona beach and san diego . and matt, new york ranks the 13th this year up from 46 last year, i don't know, a rough year.

>> a little bit of a sufferer, something to look forward to.

>> we don't grade on improvement.