TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Stephen Colbert Addresses Twitter Outcry

After a #CancelColbert hashtag trended on Twitter, stemming from a tweet sent from a “Colbert Report” account ( not managed by Colbert personally) that some perceived to be racist, the comedian addressed the controversy in Monday’s episode of his satirical show. Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.

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>> willie, i'm hoping you can explain, something online going around. cancel colbert ?

>> big hash tag over the last week or so. all stems from a tweet that was sent out from the colbert report 's show page, not from stephen colbert 's personal twitter account. let me explain what i'm talking about. on its face, this tweet looks racially insensitive to the asian community i should say, and, in fact, it is, unless you look at it in its own context. it was a tweet that came. we're not going to show it to you, directly from the the @colbertreport website. it was making fun of a situation with dan snyder . colbert was doing satire on that. it wasn't read that way from a lot of people. from his personal account now addressing, using the hashtag. i agree with cancel colbert , i just saw @colbertreport. a lot of people outraged by the tweet. colbert last night addressing it on his show for the first time, in fact, using the entire show to address it.

>> who would've thought a means of communication limited to 140 characters would ever create misunderstanding? but folks, i have never once used @colbertreport, as you hero heroes know, i'm @stephenathome. i sometimes tweet at bathroom.

>> colbert brought on one of the founders of twitter and they used this new magical button to blow up, in fact, the the @colbertreport twitter account. they called it a kill switch. and we checked, guys, it is definitely no longer there @colbertreport, @stephenat home, remains. colbert says and his supporters say it was a joke pulled from the show and it wasn't meant to be insensitive to the asian community as it was construed by many folks.

>> but we don't know who actually operated that twitter handle, willie?

>> it is the official show account. somebody who works from the show.

>> somebody who works at the show.

>> i hope it wasn't on his computer when the thing blew up.

>> that would have been bad.