TODAY   |  April 01, 2014

Report: Poor coordination led to delay in jet hunt

A new report this morning says that poor coordination set search teams back three days in the hunt for Flight 370. And officials are changing their story about the last words heard from the cockpit. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> we have several major developments this morning in the search for malaysia air flight 370 as ten planes and nine ships now comb the indian ocean . we're learning of problems early on that set crews back for three days. nbc's katy tur in kuala lumpur with more on this. good morning.

>> reporter: and that and a startling admission during a particularly contentious press conference. the malaysian transport minister says he refused to confirm that the last words out of the cockpit were, "all right. good night." that's because they were not the last words. we know this because we officially got the transcript from the cockpit today for the first time in three weeks.

>> reporter: out for the first time today, the cockpit radio transcripts shows the last words were not, "all right. good night," as reported, but in fact, good night, malaysian."

>> and unfortunately, this gives the families of those -- families of the victims more evidence that things have been hidden from them.

>> the release comes amid a report of the " wall street journal " that lapses in coordination between countries searching for the plane led rescue workers astray. today is day 25, and the search zone is once again 1,100 miles off the australian coast, sighting after sighting, but so far -- only garbage floating on the sea says this chinese captain. malaysian officials say they are confident this is the right area. the former malaysia airlines ceo defended the government, the airline, and the pilots.

>> i don't doubt the ability.

>> reporter: amidst all the back and forth, the families can only wait. these are the last words steve wang has from his mother. a voice mail before she took off asking him to tell dad to bring her a coat at the airport. i might be cold, she says.

>> she's my whole life. the kind of pain she suffered.

>> as for the " wall street journal " report, a malaysian official tells me the miscommunication is annoying because they gave them all the pertinent information they had. all the investigative team right from the get go.

>> all right. katy tur, thanks