TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Style your hair like Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington

TODAY contributor Louis Licari shares tips on how women can have fabulous celebrity hair like Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and Helen Mirren through such techniques as adding shine with a glaze and using a small curling iron.

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>>> you see them in magazines or on the red carpet , gorgeous celebrities with perfect hair and flawless makeup and you wish you could pull off the same look.

>> you don't need a team of stylists, you just need "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari.

>> that's right.

>> so you say we don't need a professional, louis , to get the look?

>> you can do it yourself at home. you might want to go to a salon first to watch what a hairstylist does and take it as a lesson. steal everything. do it at home.

>> so let's talk about sonya .

>> sonya wants to have the taylor twist look. tell us what you did to get her there.

>> well, notice sonya 's hair color , first of all, i always love to talk about. this is the new ombre. a very subtle highlight with barely there -- no obvious lines. it looks incredibly natural.

>> yeah.

>> then what vanessa did is she got a large barrel curling iron and just gave her great waves. this is so easy to do at home, straight blow dry and barrel out and spray.

>> ringlets or the barrel down there too?

>> down there, but loosely. and look how much she -- she completes the look, notice the pale complexion and the red lip.

>> the red lip.

>> that smoky eye.

>> she always has a heavy line, right.

>> do you like taylor ?

>> of course.

>> of course you do.

>> you look beautiful.

>> she looks like taylor .

>> yes, she does.

>> now, julianne wants to look like kecarrie washington. get in line.

>> if you sort of, you know, look like the person, then you can steal their style. we don't necessarily want to exactly look like carrie washington, but take the best of them and use it for our own looks, why not? that's what we did here. first step, her hair is slightly softer, lighter than it naturally is. and what we did is we added a few pieces just to add a little bit of volume, little --

>> with a curling iron ?

>> and then definitely the curling iron .

>> in pieces, what do you mean?

>> clip-ins.

>> oh.

>> do you like those?

>> i love them.

>> they won't damage your hair.

>> they won't damage your hair. you can use them or not use them. no big deal .

>> used to use them all the time.

>> yeah, in, out, whatever. and, again, the curling iron here, again, larger iron, the trick here, she didn't separate. vanessa did not separate the curl. she just left it as it is, and that creates that slight curl, and it really mimics the look. notice --

>> don't comb through it.

>> right.

>> yes, do not comb through it.

>> okay. taylor , we did brush hers softly.

>> and makeup looks awesome.

>> the makeup, the quivering lip, just like olivia pope.

>> so pretty.

>> this is helen mirren .

>> by the way, i saw betty in the hallway and i was, like, who is she? she looks great. tell us about her look.

>> helen mirren , she did this -- helen mirren has gray hair. she highlighted it. this really gives s is i s is it -- is it blonde or gray but made it much more elegant. the great thing about this coloring, it will never show a root.

>> i love it. what did you do? you blew it out and put stuff in it?

>> yes. it is mousse. mousse adds volume. so this is slicked back, but soft. then she holds it all in place with spray.

>> how did you get the volume up top there?

>> again, the mousse. mousse, round brush, traditional blow dry .

>> beautiful.

>> she does look beautiful, right? perfect haircut. and, again, the big trick here is highlight your gray hair. it works.

>> nice job, louis . nice job.

>> we'll see you for ambush on thur thirsty thursday.

>> i can't wait.