TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Katherine Schwarzenegger: I’m ‘not anxious’ for future

The 24-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, has written her second book, “I Just Graduated … Now What?” which tackles the looming question many graduates face when it’s time to enter the job market. Katharine says she isn’t anxious about her career and future now that she’s had time to pause after being a busy college student.

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>>> college graduation is a scary time, especially if you have no idea what you're going to do after you get that cap and gown .

>> most of us have been there. and here with great advice is katherine schwarzenegger, author of the new book "i just graduated, now what?

>> if her name sounds familiar, that's because katherine is the daughter of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger .

>> just as gorgeous as your mom. so nice to have you with us.

>> and your hair is like hers.

>> i know. thank you.

>> this is an interesting book. we both think that somebody as famous as your family is, you never have a worry in the world, a care in the world.

>> yes.

>> couldn't be more wrong, according to this book.

>> yes. i graduated almost two years ago from usc and had absolutely no idea what i wanted to do and was terrified of what was going to come next in my life. and i came up with the idea to do this book and interview people that i think my generation would want to hear from and get their advice.

>> your second book, by the way, too. you were crazy enough to write one while at usc. you got your degree for communications. you kind of had a sense of what you wanted to do, didn't you?

>> i did. but communications as your major can kind of take you in so many different directs which i loved, since i didn't know what i wanted to do next, so it was a great --

>> your generation is kind of different i have to say. i think you guys -- most people in our generation would stay in a job for a long, long, long time. and you guys sort of kind of skip around a little bit.

>> yeah. it was -- now you can have eight different jobs by the time you're 30 and that's okay. and you can, you know, go in so many different directions, which is what i really learned from this book in interviewing all the amazing people i interview ed.

>> who did you love that you interviewed?

>> i loved everyone i interviewed. some of the people i interviewed, my brother suggested to me, my sister suggested to me, i got a lot of different people's input of who to interview.

>> jillian michaels said, rejection is god's protection. i thought that was -- your brother patrick is an actor like my daughter, and they get rejected a lot. so that's the one that jumps out at me. look at it that way. it was meant to be.

>> i think with everyone's story in the book, interviewed so many amazing people that everyone seemed to have a common theme of everything is meant to be f you don't get chosen for the job, you know, it is meant to be.

>> even your mom, it is funny, she was at your graduation, she said, take a pause, don't freak out, don't go sprinting off.

>> not everybody can.

>> of course. i think her main point was to really, like, take a moment, say, i graduated college, that's a huge accomplishment and, you know, pay attention to that, don't just run through life like everyone else does.

>> now you have a blog.

>> yes.

>> and a whole website and you're on your path now.

>> yes, i'm on my path, but i'm also not as anxious about the unknown as i was when i graduated. i literally was, like, i was freaking out. and just very nervous for my future.

>> i remember when i graduated, i didn't have a job for six or eight months and everyone was working and i felt terrible. they were telling me what they were doing and i was sitting around like a blob, it makes you -- it does add anxiety. but i think the book will help alleviate it.

>> terrific. each chapter is not so long that you get bogged down in the story, a little inspired.

>> yes.

>> give mom and dad our love. thanks, sweetie.

>>> tomorrow, our guys tell all.

>> charlie daniels will sing for us.