TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

KLG, Hoda send super fan on Mexican getaway

Mary Lee Whitaker from Pennsylvania has been a fan of Kathie Lee since the ’90s and then also fell in love with Hoda when the Fourth Hour of TODAY began. To thank her for watching, the ladies surprise Mary Lee with a trip to Mexico.

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>>> now to one of our favorite parts of the show, our fan of the week.

>> drum roll , please. while we spin the globe. and this week it landed -- where could it be? bryn mawr , pennsylvania.

>> mary lee whitaker, she watches on nbc 10 philadelphia wcau. mary lee , hi, can you hear us?

>> i can hear you. i love you guys.

>> i want you to look at my phone for one second. look at it. i met mary lee at my book signing .

>> over the weekend. that is so crazy.

>> you were just visiting some friends, right?

>> yes. i brought my mom to florida to get warm.

>> good for you.

>> i can't believe she won. she said i might win. i said, i don't think so. anyway. hang on one second. before we tell you what you've won, let's tell everyone why you've been chosen as a lucky winner. mary lee watched us every day since the beginning. this is kathie lee and i have perfect chemistry and our laughter has helped her through many ups and downs through the years.

>> she and her family stopped by hoda's book signing to say hi. and back in the '90s at a fan meet and greet, she was there --

>> she's talking to you.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> she was chosen to be a contestant for "who knew".

>> she's everywhere. who is she?

>> here is a question for you --

>> what did we dress up as for hollywood last year?

>> wilma flintstone and betty rebel.

>> that's why you're our fan of the week. ready to find out where you're going?

>> yes. i'm going to take my husband this time. you and a guest are going to head to the fabulous hyatt los cabos , located in mexico. four days, three nights, luxurious all inclusive stay in an ocean view suite.

>> you're also going to be able to participate on property activities ranging from tennis to beach volleyball . and enjoy a variety of fine dining options, hotel and airfare accommodations furnished by hyatt los cabos .

>> are you excited?

>> i'm so excited. you have no idea. you have just made my whole year.

>> well, take a picture of yourself and your husband in your thongs, and share them on facebook, okay?

>> thanks.

>> you make me smile every