TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Lady Gaga shows off creative ‘birthday suit’

Nina Terrero from Entertainment Weekly fills Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in on Elton John’s plans to marry his longtime partner, Lady Gaga wearing an outfit that appeared to consist only of strategically placed roses to an event over the weekend, and Kesha stepping out for the first time since rehab.

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>>> time to get you all caught up on "today's buzz" and the hot hollywood gossip that had everybody talking over the weekend.

>> here with the celebrity news you can't live without, is entertainment weekly 's correspondent nina teraro.

>> so elton john got married --

>> no, he was going to get married.

>> i was not finished.

>> i was not invited.

>> you know you have to get up, they had a huge party --

>> yes, that's what i was thinking about.

>> i think my invite was lost in the mail. i heard it was a good party. elton john and his partner announced they'll be getting married in a small ceremony this coming may in england. now that gay marriage is legal over there, yes. so they're going to do a small wedding. as we mentioned, they had a big blowout. they already have everything on their registry --

>> they were talking about the fact that big is not everything to them anymore. just everything is -- everything changes when you have children or should.

>> so this is really just the icing on the cake . something to say, hey, we're just like any other couple, we have been together and now we're going to tie the knot.

>> they are a little wealthier than other couples, but --

>> yeah. so lady gaga made the news as usual.

>> everything coming up roses for lady gaga . she turned out for the first of her seven concerts at the roseland ballroom wearing a head to toe nude mesh body suit with roses strategically placed to cover her lady bits. look at that. she knows how to accessorize. sky high platforms and red veil or mask if you will. this is one of the few outfit changes she made on saturday night. she changed six times for a concert that was only 12 songs . like, can you imagine, like every two songs --

>> not like we change a sheet. when she changes, it is like a lot of work. who wants to work that hard.

>> she's an artist. that's what they do.

>> savannah asked her if she wasn't performing, what would she be wearing? and she said she would be wearing crazy clothes.

>> she's the person we avoid on the subway.

>> i'm glad you said that. we're not stepping in it.

>> so kesha, who by the way, sings with pit bull , who was here today, but we saw her on the red carpet .

>> she made her first public appearance post rehab saturday night at the humane society 's big gala in beverly hills . and she looked really happy and healthy. her hair is cut a little shorter than we have seen it in the past but still with the rainbow bright hair and looks fantastic.

>> what was she in rehab for?

>> an eating disorder. she looks really healthy here. something she struggled with.

>> good, good.

>> noah came out, the movie noah with russell crowe and it did very well.

>> it exceeded analysts' expectations. they thought it would make $30 million, it made $44 million at the box office this weekend. this is a surprise because there has been a lot of controversy around it, you know. church groups thought it might be too edgy. but, look, there it is.

>> it doesn't follow the biblical story.

>> it does not. there are artistic interpretations. the bible story is really only a page or so long, so there say lot of artistic --

>> russell looks like he's out of j. crew .

>> he does.

>> they wore different kinds of clothes then.

>> yes.

>> and "frozen" surpassed all the animated films .

>> $1 billion mark, the official biggest animated film of all time. that being said, i think there are a lot of parents, like, okay, kids, we're done with "frozen".

>> i haven't seen it yet.

>> you haven't?

>> you know what you haven't seen yet? the one that came in number five for the second time. a certain person -- certain blonde girl in it that i'm not allowed to talk about.

>> i heard that rumor.

>> been doing well week after week and a lot of speculation that heading into easter that they will continue to make major box office bucks.