TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

KLG: Royal family are a ‘breath of fresh air’

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at a new photo of Will, Kate and Prince George that makes the ladies love them even more. They also chat about a study that says more women worry about aging hands than their face.

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>> hey, everybody. hope you're having a nice, nice weekend. it is dismal as usual. fun day monday, march 31st .

>> last day of march.

>> what happened when you looked outside today?

>> i get in the car out in connecticut and i'm driving down my driveway and huge, huge snowflakes.

>> it was snowing.

>> snowing here this morning.

>> the camera on top of the rock , snowing.

>> can't get a break.

>> the last day. but you know what --

>> they're saying in the 50s, sun, maybe.

>> here is march, we're turning the page today and now, please -- all bliss. april and on. all bliss. speaking of bliss, pit bull was here. oh, my god. he sings a song with kesha called "timber".

>> yes, i know.

>> let's crank it so we can hear. please. please.

>> hoda, it is not thursday. it's going down i'm yelling timber you better move you better dance let's make a night

>> who are those scantily clad girls here for?

>> they were the dancers. they danced to "timber." the concert was supposed to be outside but the weather was rocking and rolling.

>> it was snowing, you can say so.

>> they brought the people inside.

>> could barely get to our dressing rooms. you were upstairs with your curlers --

>> you could feel it?

>> yes, i said, is it thursday?

>> no, fun day monday. you went to florida as usual. you look beautiful.

>> i did a book signing at jennifer miller 's jewelry store. these are some of the people who were there. great, nice, brought wine, brought goodies, brought my favorite things.

>> you're not allowed to say that word, hoda.

>> okay. and those are the girls inside the store. we had a great time.

>> it was a lot of fun.

>> good, good, good.

>> how was your weekend?

>> not good.

>> okay.

>> i can't talk about it. i can't talk about all the appearances i made with frank and, thank you to everybody who came out. it was a really bad day on saturday, people came, but --

>> you always have a nice crowd.

>> speaking of that, i'll be at best-sellers on third avenue and 68th street today. can't tell you why, sadly, but i'll there be from 4:30 to 6:00 if you come by.

>> i'll come.

>> okay.

>> all right, hodi.

>> enough of you today. so "snl," louie ck hosted. you know what's funny, i was unaware of him.

>> if he walked in right now, i would say --

>> louie ck , he was funny. now, the highlight -- one of the highlights of the whole deal was there was an impersonation that kate mckinnon does of justin bieber . it happened dure a sketch of president obama . he was asking a social media expert for help for obamacare. hats on and doing all kind of weird stuff.

>> basically what they're doing right now.

>> they recommended that he should take a picture with justin bieber . take a look.

>> getting kissed, right?

>> come on in, justin . i guess i'll kiss the president. president probably doesn't want to kiss me. who would want to kiss this stupid old face?

>> i'm sorry --

>> did they kiss?

>> we're a family show.

>> we cut it right before the smooch. she does a great justin bieber .

>> yes, sadly, yes, she does.

>> the next picture you're going to see i thought was spontaneous. that's how stupid i am. it is a royal portrait. there is a picture of the royals looking out the window. i was, like, oh, my god, look how perfect.

>> lupo, the dog.

>> i think that is a beautiful shot. it looks --

>> like any young couple with their prince and their animal, yes. but, you know what, there is just -- whatever they do, it is like so okay with me. they just -- they are so likable and so real for royals, you know? they're a breath of fresh air . a breath of spring but there is no such thing. so, if you are, like every typical woman like we are --

>> aging.

>> what part of your body's aging do you worry the most about? it turns out most women, according to this, worry about their hands. three-fourths worry about their hands.

>> i don't know that that's true.

>> i don't notice mine.

>> you shouldn't. you have gorgeous egyptian hands. but -- you do.

>> i have a bad manicure.

>> bad manicure as usual, but beautiful hands. we have a photo session today, hoda. did it ever dawn on you?

>> you can paint, do anything in pose.

>> i think most people care more about the wrinkles on their face than the wrinkles on their hands. we would love to hear from you guys.

>> they say your hands age around 34, they start to. you notice whose hands i noticed, the only ones ever, who is our friend from sony? doug morris . men who have great hands -- and i do notice a man's hands. that's one of the first things i notice, you want to know if they're thin and spindly or can hold a basketball, the good kind. so, anyway if you want to keep your hands looking young, you should wash them with lukewarm water.

>> not hot.

>> and not cold.

>> moisturize them after showering for five solid minutes who has five minutes? and use a base coat on your nails that would avoid staining which also isn't true. my fing aernails get yellow and i use a base coat all the time. someone said the trick -- take half a lemon, cut it and rub it on --

>> the cuticles.

>> all over the nails. and gone.

>> okay. i believe you now. there is this couple, you guys that have won the lottery three times in one month. in virginia.

>> it is crazy.

>> calvin spencer and baterra have literally won the lottery three times in this month. separate drawings

>> they won 50,000 from a pick four drawing. they won $681,000 from a scratch off ticket. and $1 million from a powerball drawing.

>> the 600,000 one was -- they took the lump sum and paid their taxes and that was after that.

>> what?

>> are you feeling lucky today?

>> we're doing one of those win for life . so what you have to do is -- okay, you scratch off your score. and then their score. if your score is higher than their score, you win. i did not win.

>> mine is lower.

>> mine is too. now do these?

>> what do we do?

>> this is not good tv. no, no, no, no. no scratching.

>> my god.

>> if you get three likes.

>> no, three of the same, right?

>> okay.

>> and --

>> did i win?

>> no.

>> 100, 100, 10. what did you get?

>> 2500.

>> 2500, 2500, 40.

>> we didn't win. that couple in virginia, god love them.

>> favorite things. i was at the book signing and this lady made you and me these great cookies and she has a company called delicables. they take photos. send a photo to her, they turn them into cookies and in the only do they look pretty, sometimes you see a cookie, it looks great, but when you taste it, it is no good, these are delicious.

>> and sometimes you can't actually eat the picture part of it.

>> you can eat the picture. and these are pretzels and some of them have peanut butter in them. so you can -- a photo of your kid and, anyway, they're -- it is 2.29 for each pretzel, kind of pricey, but delicious. what do you have?

>> beginning of april is always a very difficult time for the organization called child health . going to talk about it again on wednesday. whenever they have the ladies that will be down in d.c., lighting the candles. we're up to five children now that die every single day from abuse or neglect. so there is a young woman , this is called origami owl. this necklace costs about $52. each charm is -- this little girl was, like, a teenager, she started her own company, and it is a multimillion dollar company already. and everything inside it represents, like, your dog, you make -- it is customized to you. a little nieces, you have king tut , stuff like that, all customized. you would. and you know what, this young woman has personally guaranteed 250,000 to child help every year. this little girl is a multimillionaire. so i love -- i lift my hat off to her if i had one on and say god bless because she's learning how to give back.

>> that's great.