TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Louis C.K. on ‘SNL’: Kids’ plays are painful

Comedian Louis C.K.delivered laughs while hosting “SNL” over the weekend, joking that there’s “no more joyful experience than when a child’s play is over,” referring to a play his daughter was in. (He quickly added that he was “so proud of her.”)

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>>> willie along with al, natalie and tamron. the rain has let up a little bit outside. doesn't feel like april's tomorrow.

>> it is april 1st tomorrow.

>> it is.

>> out like a lion.

>> bad april fool 's joke.

>> it is. the weather's not letting up. across the street on saturday night, louis c.k. was the guest host for a second time. and the opening monologue, he did some stand-up and let the audience in on a little secret about his kids.

>> i have two kids. i went to my daughter's play the other day. i don't know if you have kids, but there is no more joyful feeling in the human experience than when a child's play is over. just nothing feels that good when you can say i am not watching that any longer. every second my daughter's on stage, i can't breathe i'm so proud of her. but this is a bad show.

>> that's a little bit of truth to that, possibly.

>> all those recitals.

>> yeah.

>> good stuff. and the worst part about the recitals, especially if your last name begins with an "r," you have to sit through everybody else 's kid who their kids are just as bad as yours. and then -- and everybody applauds for everybody else 's kid, but you're thinking --

>> yeah. especially the kids who are -- have the lower names. they're up at the front. they can't go anywhere either.

>> or if you have a kindergarten, they go first.

>> so very, very proud.