TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

NJ woman gives birth in nail salon

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall talk about a New Jersey woman who went in for a quick manicure and pedicure at a nail salon last week, and left with a new baby boy. “That’s a massage, I’ll tell ya!” Natalie jokes.

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>> welcome to "today," it is monday morning, the last day of march, 2014 . i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales , and tam tamron hall .

>> the gang's all here.

>> welcome back.

>> you had a great vacation.

>> i did. i went to the dominican republic , it was gorgeous, 80 degrees every day. sunny every day.

>> and we missed you on friday.

>> yeah. little under the weather. kids went to the kids choice awards .

>> oh. did they get slimed?

>> they did not. we always make sure we stay out of the slime zone.

>> one time you don't want front row seats.

>> no.

>> they love it.

>> they finally got mark wahlberg at the end.

>> they slimed him?

>> and it was like the longest slime ever and it kept going.

>> slime of historical proportions.

>> i have to say. we have these spring breaks, two weeks with the kids. we have to figure out what to do with two weeks.

>> i don't know you want the kids to hear that.

>> you know how it is, al. it's two weeks. we went for the weekend to universal orlando . how much fun is that park? because the kids have all these things they can do, but it's fun for us. spiderman ride , harry potter .

>> great restaurants. city walk .

>> did i mention we --

>> i honestly didn't mean that as a gratuitous.

>> we should mention that.

>> we're owned by the same company, but you can go as an adult and you don't feel like you're walking around with your kids.

>> the spidey ride is pretty intense. the hulk is terrifying.

>> i did the hulk, too.

>> i did the hulk.

>> and the spidey ride, my niece was on and looked at us and said if somebody don't get me off this thing. i was like, who is this child? and we were like --

>> i went on it alone to see if lucy, who is 6 could deal with it. and i got off and said, lucy, keep moving. it's a great park.

>> something to aspire to.

>> all right. this report came out, at least officially today, but got leaked yesterday. this inner governmental panel on climate changes, a united nations group. it's a three-year joint effort by more than 300 scientists. the report says the highlights, the temperatures could rise by nearly 9 degrees this century. sea levels could rise an extra 10 to 21 inches in that same period. which means -- basically, the big mistake , i think, on all this was it was called global warming . it should have been called climate change from the beginning. what it means is we're going to see more extremes. you know, just rocketing back and forth between extreme heat, extreme cold. more damaging storms. and it's going to really affect our food chain wildlife in this world. the way we live. it really is going to have a major impact. water is going to become -- has already become a major issue. water is going to be one of the main resources that probably, you know, causes people to have conflicts go to war.

>> well, not going to conflict or war, but seeing the drought situation in california the past couple of months and how severe that has become and what a concern that is. and meanwhile here, we've got a surplus of water. it's like two countries, you know, with complete -- same soil.

>> and this isn't just we're talking about the future. scientists are stressing, this is stuff going on now. we're starting to see the fringe edges of it just starting to take hold.

>> after hurricane sandy, the storm of the century . they said we would have to stop saying that because the storm of the century is happening every two years.

>> and people point to, well, look, we had almost no hurricanes this year. and none that made landfall. but that's the scary part about it. you can go for periods of nothing happening and then, boom, you get really --

>> slammed two in a row back-to-back.

>> and one of the other big headlines out of the report. these scientists, anyway, say it is manmade. that climate change comes from man. there's a lot to get through. it's an interesting report.

>>> all right. well, meanwhile, i know a lot of you checking your brackets this weekend rooting for your teams. and i think everybody here is not doing so hot.

>> he's doing great.

>> you're beating us all. which goes to show there's no science.

>> did you do your bracket?

>> no. i'm telling you, i'm telling you, i went through, do i know this? i heard of this school.

>> are you serious?

>> i'm serious.

>> but there were two incredible nail biters yesterday in the ncaa tournament . now the final four is set.

>> it has been such a fun -- it always is. and saturday night, wisconsin / arizona game, wisconsin beating arizona . and great fan bases. all these schools, wisconsin , kentucky, uconn and florida . they're going to fill up the stadium in north texas .

>> the fan base is so tremendous. and i can get into the nba, but the ncaa and their fans, it's amazing, it's infectious.

>> college sports is great.

>> yes, it is.

>> it's fun.

>> al's on top right now.

>> yeah. i don't understand it.

>> who did you pick to win?

>> i don't remember. florida . i picked florida .

>> i picked wichita state to win it. i had florida against wichita state .

>> i love you're like i have no idea. i put great thought. i'm competitive, i wanted to win.

>> really?

>> a little bit.

>> that's what they tell me on the street.

>> that's like saying natalie's competitive.

>> that's like saying all of us. but i put in some great thought. i looked at uniform colors, i really thought about it.

>> willie had really studied the games.

>> i know. i had florida against louisville, but i had louisville winning, so i'm finished.

>> all three of us have the gators.

>> not winning.

>> yeah.

>> i have the gators winning.

>> how does the bracket work if you pick the winner, you win everything?

>> no.

>> you have to have the most total victories.

>> i get to have a cheese burger with warren buffett .

>> meanwhile, warren buffett , once again --

>> no.

>> 1 in gazillion chances that will happen.

>> the story i read last night, these are my people in new jersey. northern new jersey where i grew up. so a pregnant woman walks into a new jersey nail salon in glenn rock, new jersey, last wednesday for a quick mani/pedi and left the nail salon with a baby boy . she was getting a foot massage . a foot massage when she went into labor. she thought she had some time because when she went into labor with her daughter now 3 years old, it took something like 42, 44 hours. she said, yes, i'm starting labor, but i'll have a mani/pedi.

>> you come for the full on grooming --

>> except you're the only one looking at the toenails.

>> right. when you can't see your toenails when you're pregnant. come on. when's the last time you looked at your toes?

>> well, i did that about ten years ago.

>> i get everything. i get everything before.

>> dark natalie is back.

>> may i finish the story?

>> yes.

>> the wonderful woman from glenn rock made her way to the bathroom, her husband arrived just in time. luckily another customer there was a nurse able to help out. the baby's name was damian, the salon is considering marketing foot massages for quick labor.

>> but they need a separate room for delivery. if everyone goes that fast.

>> yeah.

>> they need a follow-up chair.

>> i love the name damian. but a lot of us, we women, pick our nail polish out by the name of it. i'm thinking, they should have picked up a bottle and the first name they saw.

>> name the baby?

>> that would be a weird name.

>> we've seen blue ivy, that's a nail polish .

>> by the way, i guess there's a myth that foot massages cause labor. we reached out to our buddy who is a doctor that says there's no scientific evidence .

>> but there is the whole hormone thing. certain areas stimulated on the body.

>> it obviously worked for her. she didn't want it, though, right? but it worked.

>> in about 4 1/2 months we get savannah a foot massage .

>> at the glenn rock nail salon .

>> and we have cameras.

>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> savannah guthrie .

>> meanwhile, she's upstairs screaming right now. i can hear.

>> not happening.

>>> and last note. phoenix suns fan bovan, tim bovan is his name, a chance of a lifetime . one unassuming guy who turns out to be a ringer to take the shot half court to win a huge amount of money from this casino in arizona . the pot was around $70,000. take a look at what happened.

>> all right, tim. when you're ready, buddy. let's do this thing.

>> oh!

>> are you kidding me?

>> wow.

>> come on. something tells me he's played --

>> a ringer. what is it called? he's the king of horse on his block.

>> i love that moment when the phoenix suns team turns from time-out and jumping in to celebrate.

>> and they won the game. beat the knicks 112-88.

>> not bad.

>> from a casino in arizona .

>> and a car company here in new york.