TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Beer glass designed to deter phone use

An ad agency created what could be a solution to keep people off their phones in social situations. It created the “offline glass,” a beer glass that only stands if resting on a cellphone.

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>>> down on chocolate, it's no secret that smartphones impact the way we communicate. you see lots of folks texting rather than talking with the folks they're with. one ad agency solution, the offline glass. that's right. it's a beer glass that only stands if it's resting on a cell phone or else it will tip over.

>> wow.

>> this exists in brazil. look at this.

>> of course it does.

>> do we need to bring this to the u.s.?

>> i love that idea.

>> it's kind of cool. it's ingenious.

>> new meaning to beer's on you.

>> nice.

>> there's another trick. if everybody puts their phones in the middle of the table, whoever who picks it up first