TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Teen to government: Change typeface, save millions

A 14-year-old made headlines for a science project that would cut federal government spending on printer ink by more than $130 million by changing the typeface used on government documents.

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>>> all right. 8:12. this is trending today. if your idea of a stellar science fair project --

>> yeah.

>> well, that's really good. but this 14-year-old may have one better on you. his science project presented an innovative way to cut government spending by $136 million. and the answer was surprisingly simple. just change the font used on government documents. he measured the letters from the different text spaces to determine which is the most ink friendly. now, the government currently uses times new roman on documents. but a simple fix would save millions because of thinner strokes.

>> and i prefer it.

>> absolutely.

>> it's an elegant font. if state governments jumped onboard, it would total $234 million annually. i love it. love an idea like that.

>> brilliant.

>> i'm going to have to