TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Missing jet passenger’s wife: ‘Agonizing every day’

Officials say they won’t scale back the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, despite a disappointing search overnight. The batteries on the black boxes are expected to die in the next week. Family members continue to speak out. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> start with today's top story. another rough morning for search crews trying to find malaysia air flight 370, but officials are vowing the scope of the operation is increasing not decreasing. katy tur is in kuala lumpur , good morning to you.

>> reporter: yeah, we just came out of a slightly contentious news conference where the transport minister refused to confirm what's been out there for a while. that the last words out of the cockpit were, actually, all right, good night. he refused to confirm that. also refused to confirm a slide that was shown to the families that the plane made a loop around malaysia . asked why they would show the families that and not the press. well, he didn't want to comment on that. this is adding to the mistrust of the malaysian government that they're not being entirely forthcoming. this as time is literally running out. the batteries on those black boxes are expected to die in the next week. today the u.s. navy p8 poseidon joined to canvas the search area, 1,100 miles west of perth, australia. outfitted with u.s. pinger technology. which can detect a black box up to 20,000 feet below the surface. but in an area this vast, nothing is guaranteed.

>> right now, the search area's basically the size of the indian ocean , which would take an untenable amount of time to search.

>> overnight, australian prime minister tony abbott refused to discuss a timetable for the search.

>> we owe it to everyone to do whatever we reasonably can. and we can keep searching for quite some time to come. and we will keep searching for quite some time to come.

>> reporter: no end in sight for the search. no end in sight for the families. outside of kuala lumpur , dozens of chinese family members prayed for their lost loved ones and thanked the malaysian authorities. a much different tone than sunday.

>> the first thing we want is to get our family back. that's the most important thing.

>> reporter: it's been 24 days since flight 370 disappeared and 24 days of disappointment. more spottings of potential debris over the weekend, but yet again, nothing confirmed part of the missing boeing 777 .

>> it's agonizing every day having no finality, no answers.

>> reporter: and the transport minister is going to hawaii for a defense minister 's meeting. that means there'll be little to no news coming out of malaysia for the next week. matt and savannah.

>> katy, thanks very much.