TODAY   |  March 31, 2014

Willie drinks egg, trains with cast of Broadway’s 'Rocky'

TODAY’s Willie Geist gets an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the new “Rocky” musical, Sylvester Stallone’s adaptation of his Oscar-winning film, which could be Broadway’s next knockout.

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>>> well, rocky is one of the most beloved movies of all time. made sylvester stallone a superstar, of course. now it's on broadway . cue the music, cue willie geist . an exclusive look, huh?

>> how can you not get pumped up when you hear that theme? a great actor andy carl playing the iconic role. andy suited me up and showed me how to get the eye of the tiger .

>> i'm a huge fan of the rocky movie. and today, i'm going to learn what it takes to be rocky .

>> so, tell me what it's like to take on this character, this iconic character because people obviously have sly stallone in their minds.

>> he's this great historical film character. and so i want to honor that in that way. but also be like, you know, i am talking to that girl over there. i'm saying adrienne , how you doing.

>> do the nod. yo adrienne .

>> yo, adrienne .

>> you called, i came.

>> is that sort of like putting up the bat signal?

>> wherever i am in the building, and i rush down.

>> there you go.

>> get your hands up.

>> you going to show me a few moves up here?

>> yeah. few punches in the head.

>> you're going to punch me in the head?

>> yeah.

>> i'm going to suit up, i'll be back in a minute.

>> rocky never fought anybody in a blue oxford, have you?

>> oh, eh, as long as you're getting in here.

>> what's the first thing i've got to know about boxing on broadway ?

>> well, first thing is, you're going to get hit. so you have to keep your head loose. here we go. make sure you move your head when i move right.

>> good point.

>> boom. see? little bit harder. little bit harder. yeah, there you go.

>> all right.

>> that really --

>> all right. now, we're going to be going into rocky 's apartment.

>> i usually kick it open. that's what rocky would do.

>> of course.

>> now, there's a famous scene, of course -- are we doing this?

>> you're going for the full rocky experience today.

>> okay.

>> muscle weight.

>> go work out now.

>> no, i'm good. i've got to go home.

>> wouldn't be rocky training without a trip up the steps. you don't want to blow this. you can't trip running up the steps. this is the moment everyone's waiting for. we're getting pumped and we're going to fly.

>> feel the burn. not bad, right?

>> yeah.

>> i need a nap.

>> that was a good look for you.

>> love that backside look.

>> my thanks to andy carl, margo, is incredible. and terrence archie plays apolo creed for showing me the ropes. we got that sweat suit and he said, all right, get in the ring, lululemon.

>> meanwhile, drank the eggs. how did you feel after that?

>> i took some recovery time, to the men's room and cleared it all out.

>> thanks for sharing that.

>> this show is incredible. especially if you're going to see it. the last 20 minutes are unlike anything i've ever seen on broadway . you are put at the center of a prize fight and you feel like you're there. it's a great show. and sly stallone is involved in the program will be on with us tomorrow. full week of rocky .

>> oh.