TODAY   |  March 29, 2014

Watch a deaf woman hear for the first time

39-year-old woman Joanne Milne is profoundly deaf, but the cameras were rolling after cochlear implants were put into each ear, giving her the gift of sound. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> getting used to a new normal. she can now hear something she has never been able to do before and now life as she knows it will never be the same. annabel roberts has her story.

>> august, september, october, november --

>> reporter: those words are the first joanne milne has ever heard in her life.

>> could you hear those words.

>> reporter: the 39-year-old is profoundly deaf , but the cameras were rolling aftercochlear implants were put into each ear, giving her the gift of sound.

>> monday, tuesday -- [ inaudible ]

>> it's a big, big life -changing day.

>> reporter: at home, she is adapting to a word of noise.

>> it's so, so loud to me, so loud. and this morning i had a very funny experience with hair spray . and i was so, like, i couldn't even stand it. just everything that people really take for granted, those little sounds.

>> reporter: sounds we hardly notice bringing delight and wonder to joanne. she says life begins at 40 . for her, a new life filled with joyful noise .

>> i plan to enjoy them, to enj enjoy, yeah.

>> reporter: for "today," annabel roberts, nbc