TODAY   |  March 29, 2014

Meet the viewers inspired by 30 Days to a Better You

When TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe started the health and fitness series 30 Days to a Better You, viewers responded with enthusiasm. Of the thousands who took part, a few stopped by Studio 1A to share their stories of change and inspiration.

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>>> this morning it's all about seeing how it's helped you.

>> so, we've put the call out to all of you to help join this challenge along with us. we had a huge response. more than 150,000 of you signed up.

>> so, i wanted to go meet all 150,000 of you, but i don't have enough miles. so, instead, we picked a handful after you wrote in. we came to your town and we spent some time with you. we wanted to know how these last 30 days have helped make a difference in your life.

>> by joining " 30 days to a better you," i wanted to inspire others, so i started a running club. my name is ann capinegro and i'm a fifth grade teacher in fenton, michigan. i watched jenna talk about this challenge, and i decided, hey, i could do that. i'm going to make a healthy parfait that i saw on the "today" show. being fit and healthy for me is just making sure that you're okay with what you look like and what you act like.

>> since i've been retired, i've done the citizens police and fire academies. [ sirens ] ten days left. i'm a retiree from richmond, virginia, and i'm 68 years old.

>> let's go, let's go, let's go, dave !

>> what have you been inspired to do since you started this challenge?

>> i've increased my exercise quite a bit. i'm eating much healthier this month. i've lost 7 or 8 pounds and body fat has gone down from 24 to 18 1/2.

>> so, you're obviously proof that you can do anything, any time at any age.

>> exactly. there's no point of being a couch potato .

>> before my fitness left consisted of sitting and reading or watching tv .

>> i'm vicki wilson . i work as a hospice nurse, and we're from germantown, ohio. and this is my son, kieron . i'm the one who sets examples for him. it's my job to teach him, and i've not done a very good job so far about fitness. right after we signed up, a friend of mine told me she was running to train for a 5k. i said, that seems like a good way to start this whole thing. we've also started with portion control. that's a big problem with both of us. small changes have been easy, and that's why we're doing them and that's why this is working.

>> when did you know, i need to make a change?

>> i had gone to the doctor, and my blood pressure was 149 over 94. my weight was 191 pounds, and i was in shock. my name is alegia halliard. i'm 53 years old. i'm a retired naval officer and i live in virginia beach .

>> push them up. feel it?

>> i thought this was a great opportunity to get good advice for free. so, as soon as i heard about it, i immediately signed up.

>> what we've laid out for you is a whole series of tips and advice, and we've chopped them up into 30 different little, little takeaways. what has this meant for you?

>> it means a better life .

>> every time it gets a little hard, i got this.

>> i got this.

>> i got this.

>> got this.

>> i am doing this one step at a time, one day at a time, one month at a time. i got this.

>> i got this, yes.

>> nobody can tell you no.

>> oh, i'm getting chills!

>> i love it! see? it's not that hard! small changes every day that aren't jarring to your lifestyle, that will eventually lead to big changes after a couple of weeks. guys, lester, erica.

>> we've got some graduates here. allegra holliard, ally capanegra, nikki and kieron wilson. you've stuck with it. let me start with allegra. 30 days , you've changed your life. how do you feel? how has this changed your life?

>> it's changed my life tremendously. it's kept me focused. it's given me a nutritional plan as well as an exercise plan, something i can look forward to, because when you're doing it by yourself and it's only you, you can go all kinds of different places and do all kinds of different things.

>> yeah, true.

>> so, the 30-day challenge has given me a focus and some direction to stick to.

>> you mention also, if you do it by yourself, you stick together. you and kieron have teamed up on this one. how has that helped your family make these changes, because you're in it together?

>> it's been great because we have each other to hold each other accountable. so, we make sure he does this exercise, make sure i do my running.

>> you have to stay on your mom a little bit more than she has to stay on you? yeah.

>> definitely.

>> hey, dave , let me ask you. you're retired, but you decided it was time to really beef up your exercise regime, and you felt that this was a good way to just sort of kick-start you. what drives you every day? why did you want to do this?

>> well, just to live longer, and as i told you, i'd rather wear out than rust out. so, i've added two spinning classes a week, up to nine, and then three body pumps instead of two, so --

>> up to nine? he makes us all look bad.

>> you make us look bad, dave . you're fantastic and it's worked for you.