TODAY   |  March 29, 2014

Woman who filmed road rage driver speaks out

A Florida woman who whipped out her cellphone and recorded another motorist driving erratically posted the video to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. NBC’s Charles Hadlock reports.

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>>> the video has gone viral, mainly because of what happened in the moments after. the woman who took this video, well, she's calling it instant karma , and this morning for the first time, she's speaking out about it all. charles hadlock has her story.

>> reporter: the woman was on her way to work near tampa, when she says the grill of a black ford pickup filled her rearview mirror .

>> he just started tailgating me, and i'm looking in my mirrors. i'm like, dude, really? i mean, i'm going the speed limit .

>> reporter: the road was wet from recent rains, but that apparently wasn't slowing the other driver.

>> you know, i just pulled out my phone and started recording him.

>> reporter: after a few minutes, the black pickup pulled alongside, speeding up and slowing down. the driver smiled for the camera but gave a not-so-friendly gesture, even tried to speed ahead and cut in front, and that's when things went really wrong. [ laughter ]

>> that is what you get! all on video, buddy!

>> reporter: the driver of the pickup, who spun into oncoming lanes and crashed into a light pole before coming to rest in a ditch on the other side of the road , was not injured, but 33-year-old jeffrey travis white was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving. he did not respond to a request for comment. the woman who recorded the incident didn't want us to use her name, because after she posted it on youtube, where it's been viewed more than 5 million times, she says she's been getting death threats. some viewers thought she was at fault for driving in the left lane and using her cell phone to take a video, but the florida highway patrol says she broke no laws. but troopers did charge white with one more violation. the video revealed he was not wearing a seat belt . for "today," charles hadlock, nbc news.

>> kind of an unpleasant thing all the way around.

>> it is, and it's interesting that she wasn't breaking any laws by holding the phone and taking a video, too.

>> and having it behind her as well. but then you get so mad at him because you've been in those situations.

>> i know.

>> everybody just needs to chill out.

>> i think that's good advice.