TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Three senior dogs get their chance at a cover shoot

Photographer Nancy Levine talks to Kathie Lee and Hoda about how she went from shooting models to taking pictures of aging dogs, and shares her portraits of three furry friends who need homes.

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>>> veteran fashion photographer nancy levine has gone from shooting fashion models to a much different kind of model, senior dogs.

>> she teamed up with the shelter in new jersey called the 11th hour rescue and found three older dogs that need homes.

>> she is here with the pictures and the dogs all up for adoption and they're so sweet. they're a lot like children, the older they get, the older it is to find homes, right?

>> they're calmer. here is --

>> this is lucy .

>> lucy just ate a whole bag of treats.

>> i'm sorry. what made you switch from "vogue" shots to dogs?

>> well, i was watching my own dogs grow older, lulu and maxi and they were doing it with dignity and stayed with who they were at that day and that moment. and i was really kind of caught just really impressed and awed by the way they aged and the way their bodies aged and the way they handled their bodies ageing.

>> tell us about the first -- the big guy you have. what is his name?

>> this is dozer. dozer is an absolutely wonderful, beautiful dog. in fact, we were photographing him, in this photograph behind us, he --

>> beautiful shot.

>> we had to encourage him to get on the furniture. clearly he was -- he's so sweet and so loved. here we go, dozer. such a great guy.

>> what about --

>> what about lucy ?

>> lucy and smoky come together. they are life partners. they are together, yes. they're life partners. they want to be -- they're adopted together. they're currently in a foster home together. and they're both 9 years old. and --

>> want to come up? come up.

>> no, no, no.

>> lucy 's on the loose!

>> she got out of her martha stewart thing.

>> all right.

>> okay. show us the picture of lucy ? where is the photograph of lucy and smoky?

>> yeah.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that's the foster family . i encourage anyone to think about fostering dogs. if you can't adopt them full time, fostering is a really wonderful way to help ease and get some of these senior dogs out of shelters. and into homes. so that midstage. you see how the kids are with these guys. they're wonderful.

>> yeah. that's terrific. all up for adoption, we should point out.

>> yes.

>> if you want to, go to and press that connect button.

>> and congrats for all you