TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Emily Sunshine Hamilton, 9, sings blues on TODAY

Singer Emily Sunshine Hamilton, 9, who became a YouTube sensation when a video of her belting blues tunes in Tennessee went viral, joins TODAY for a special performance with her band.

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>>> on monday, we showed you a youtube video that quickly went viral. it was a spunky 9-year-old girl emmy sunshine. her full name is emily sunshine hamilton from tennessee.

>> and she's here with us this morning along with her band, made up of her dad. she's 9-year-old with two cds, her latest is called "black sunday 35." emmy and family, good morning, everyone. we're so happy to have you. emmy , you've got two huge fans already. we saw your youtube video on monday and we were like, we have to get this girl on the show. you have a beautiful voice. how long have you been playing music?

>> well, i've been singing since i was 4. and i've been playing about a year and a half.

>> a year and a half.

>> and what i love about you is you love the classics. when i asked you who your favorite musicians were, you didn't say miley and katy perry , you said dolly.

>> i like buddy miller , max ferris. i like --

>> i like you. i'm obsessed with you right now. i can't help staring at you. you're just amazing. randall, you have to be so proud.

>> i'm terribly proud, yes. very much.

>> i asked your dad if you could stay with me for the summer, he agreed.

>> no, he did not.

>> i'm sorry. i'm obsessed. but you're going to perform for us.

>> what are you going to play?

>> take it away. me and my baby you could see us on the town gonna make him mine o mine i found myself a new little honey bee he's so pretty he's the guy now he's mine mine mine

>> all right!

>> oh, with the wink!

>> with the wink at the end!

>> emmy , you are a superstar. that was amazing.

>> thank you.

>> would it be okay if we got your autograph after we go to commercial here?

>> sure.

>> and will you take a selfie with us?

>> sure.

>> we want to say some day we met you when