TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Light-up sunglasses: Great gizmos for spring

Tech expert Katie Linendoll joins TODAY to show some of the hottest gadgets for spring, including light-up sunglasses and color-changing umbrellas.

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>>> spring weather this weekend or have an upcoming vacation, you'll want to check out the gear we have for you today. katie is a tech expert. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you've got great stuff for us today starting with a pair of sneakers.

>> cool spring gadgets, and these are my favorites from columbia. what's awesome about them, they're quick-drying shoes. so bring on the april shower rain runs, but they also drain. you can see how they start to come out the sides. my friend scott who showed up to watch. he actually ended up in the segment. he's going to hop right inside that water bucket and show how quickly they drain outside the sides.

>> they are very comfortable, too.

>> really comfortable. and i love these for trail runs and getting a little water in the rain.

>> how long does it take to dry?

>> it's pretty decent, actually. you know for a running shoe .

>> okay.

>> i'm going to help you open this rain umbrella.

>> bad luck .

>> that's why i didn't want to do it.

>> are you kidding me? i'm not doing it.

>> i'm going to have you put it over here. i'm going to pour this over. a color-changing umbrella. i'm going to pour it over this bucket.

>> i was willing to take it.

>> this is from the museum of modern art here in new york, they're $40 and actually changes color as soon as the water hits it. goes from white to an awesome design of the new york skyline.

>> that was worth the risk of bad luck for the rest of my life.

>> let's not forget about the best friends, this is a canine raincoat.

>> so cute.

>> it has a convertible hat. it's $50. and what's awesome, there's a little fleece lining on the inside so it's going to keep him warm.

>> as a dog owner, what i like most about this, he's okay with it. there are lots of pet things you can put on your pet and they hate it. he's wearing that well. what you got here?

>> talk about spring travel gadgets. how many of us have that pop-up that says storage full? now a case that not only charges your iphone, it also has up to 32 gigs of extra storage inside here. this is multispace pack for 5 or 5s.

>> what you got here?

>> this looks like dental floss packet.

>> it does.

>> i was on a shoot, ran out of clothes, these are little laundry detergents called leaves. they're only $4 for a pack of 50. and i want to show you quickly how fast they dissolve in the water.

>> we've got to skip ahead to the light up.

>> light up gadgets. check this out, these are light up l.e.d. golf balls , $25 for a set of three. i'm going to bounce it and show how quickly they light up.

>> tell me about these glasses.

>> we'll skip over to the glasses from one of my favorite companies, electric styles, they are light-up glasses starting at $19.97.

>> this is great for spring break , are you kidding me? all our crew has them on.

>> and let's end on the balloons. tell me about these.

>> end on the balloons. l.e.d. light -up balloons. they can go slow flash, fast flash, continuous. two different styles. the one style, you just pull the tab and the l.e.d. light turns right on. the other ones have a little tab at the top.

>> i love -- oh. all right. thank you very much. and, you know, we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i'm making a mess of this place. there we go. . . . . . . . .

>>> erica here with what's up this weekend.

>> we're coming to the end of a 30 days to