TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Washington mudslide: Week’s most memorable images

Ricky Camilleri of HuffPost Live joins TODAY to share some of the most talked-about images of the week, including one of a rescue worker in the Washington mudslide.

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>>> the terrible mudslide in washington, the crisis in crimea and the soldier returning from a battlefield, it's been a week filled with memorable stories.

>> and here to walk us through the week end, rickey, good morning.

>> there's a lot to talk about this week, huh?

>> there is, indeed. let's start in the state of washington . that horrible, horrible story.

>> this picture we have here is a rescue worker looking for people in the mudslide. you know, right now we have reported 26 found dead and there are 90 still missing. it's an absolute tragedy and it happened saturday, at 55 northeast of seattle. and you know, our thoughts and prayers go out for the people out there. it's a tragic event. 90 people still missing. i can't say that enough.

>> so many difficult photographs over the last week or so. and they'll be digging for a long time.

>> covered about a mile and you don't even get a sense of that in this photograph. there's so much disaster, just in this tiny space that we see with the rescue worker here.

>> at the close proximity to look into the rescue worker's eyes, isn't that chilling? it's so powerful. the other picture, ricky, you have a kid being a kid in the middle of chaos. this is in crimea.

>> right here, we have pro-russian soldiers right behind this child blurred in the background. and they're essentially blocking ukrainian soldiers. and kiev has essentially said they're going to pull their soldiers and sailors out of the bases and ask the u.n. to demilitarize the zone. but none is as powerful as looking at a child who has to live during this. they're going to be the most affected by this whole thing. and we continue talking about demilitarize and all of these different words, but this child lives it.

>> against that backdrop of armed military personnel, it's particularly striking.

>> with that toy truck.

>> yeah. speaking of the military back home in the united states , beautiful military reunion. we love these.

>> we love photos like this. ft. campbell, kentucky, about 60 soldiers came home after a 9-month deployment in afghanistan. it's a beautiful photograph. and i think we're hoping to see a lot more of these as we continue to wind down the war in afghanistan . i hope we see pictures like this every day. every day there's a new photo of soldiers coming home .

>> you don't see their faces, but you can feel the love in that hug. it's so strong. this one's not the last -- i'm sorry, skip forward to grand canyon --

>> this is amazing. they are washing the windows underneath the grand canyon sky walk. they are about 4,000 feet above the colorado river . and what's so interesting, when i was doing research about this, turns out that propel down the canyon to pick up trash sometimes in the river. this reminds me of that old photo of men in new york city working on skyscrapers.

>> right.

>> any time i see something like this, my heart sinks into my stomach and say no way.

>> different kind of cat who can do that. i'm not one of those cats.

>> neither am i. get me out of there.

>> last picture here, a beautiful ending here, a baby gorilla with her mama.

>> yep, in germany, last thursday. that baby gorilla was born between 10:00 and 11:00 at night. and the sex still unknown on the gorilla. maybe it takes a while to figure it out. it's really cute. it's beautiful. look at the eyes of the baby gorilla looking up. it's really gorgeous.