TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Steals and Deals: Kaplan M.D. beauty sets

TODAY contributor Jill Martin gives us the scoop on deeply discounted items, including Kaplan M.D. beauty sets and the Charmed Circle initial necklace.

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>>> a special spring edition of "steals & deals." jill martin is here to take us through the deals this morning. good morning to you.

>> thanks for not bringing me cake.

>> there were only four forks. but after this, i'm sure we can get you a clean fork.

>> all right.

>> steals & deals go on they blowout, we sell out, we'll link you to the retailer's website. the first thing, beauty sets, a spring makeover steals & deals, our beauty routine makeover. anything in your beauty closet for a year, ditch it and let's start over. the retail $270 to $325 offers four different beauty sets. go online to see we have the hydrate replenish three-piece set, the hydrate and protect three-piece set. eight-piece antiaging lipstick set with spf in it. the retail 's $270 to $325, the deal is $50. people swear by this. great as a gift because also again comes in this gift bag.

>> $50 for the set. the whole set.

>> next, we have beautiful necklaces. tell us about these.

>> this, an accessory makeover. i actually own this in gold. it's a little necklace with a little charm on it. is it showing? of course i would show the charm that's not showing. the retail $75. 16-inch sterling silver sold at major retailers, the retail $75, the deal $22.50. that's 70% off. this is a great piece just to wear every day to layer.

>> now, i see it. it's over here.

>> it's so me for it to be wrong. and also if you're getting a baby gift for somebody, if you know it's a baby girl or baby boy . that's a perfect.

>> you've got new material now.

>> yeah.

>> okay. ecosunglasses, always great to get a new pair of shades for spring. the retail $155. now, six styles. i pulled these for you, what do you think? classic to aviator, but there's cat eyes, the old version of you have to pick a shade for your face is over. pick what you like and go bold. recycled soda bottles, which i love.

>> cool.

>> the deal $38. 75% off.

>> let's get to the dishes.

>> okay.

>> makeover in your kitchen, you'll never see the light of day by me. the gordon ramsey 7-piece bakeware set. you get the roaster, the square roaster, two small square roasters, two ramicans that you can make mac and cheese or anything. one covered casserole dish comes in subtle blue or white glaze, they're dishwasher safe, $334 retail the deal $97, 70% off.

>> it's so cute.

>> yeah. subtle blue.

>> yeah.

>> that's why i like it. okay. love it.

>>> this is a whole situation here. actually, this one matches you. these are theodore & callum. two friends, theodora and callum. that's where it comes from. this is our perfection transition piece into spring and into summer comes three different scarves. the various styles and prints are all online. the tile, wearable art scarf and infinity scarf. this one also, they encourage you to put it in a frame on a wall or chair.

>> that's cute. you could do scarves. we have a deal. don't we have a special offer ?

>> yeah, the deal is $155 to $175 is the retail , the deal is $59. and they're super soft. that's up to 66% off. and celeb fans include heidi klum , jessica alba . we're giving away 15 to lucky viewers. all you have to do is tell us my favorite thing about spring is blank.

>> not having to wear pantihose.

>> oh. i like that one.

>> that's the truth.

>> i did mine earlier. i don't know if we have the photo early from earlier. my favorite thing about spring is i'm done with the puppy jacket. we're officially broken up.

>> thank you so much. the products are, the beauty sets, bakeware, the necklace from charmed circle, sunglasses by eco. and finally, scarves from theodora &