TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Little boy cries when told he’s getting baby sister

A video of a boy being told by his parents that he’s getting a baby sister has gone viral. The boy starts crying and protests that he doesn’t like girls.

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>>> reveal that did not go exactly as planned. a family gathered their three kids to reveal the gender of the newest sibling. this will be a big -- the color of the filling would be based on girl or boy. all little gunnar wants is a baby brother , when he finds out it's pink, he did not take it well.

>> it's a girl! it's a girl! it's a girl! i don't like girls!

>> you like your sisters.

>> no!

>> girls! girls! girls!

>> gunnar is not thrilled about getting a third sister. he even refuses to have any of the cake. in a later interview he says he's now happy about the news. it takes a while to adjust to that.

>> a little more than ten years, when his sisters are bringing home their friends, he's