TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Tables turn on tailgater, caught on video

A Florida woman videotaped a driver tailgating her. After he pulled up beside her and flipped her off, he lost control, spun across a medium, and slammed into a light pole. No one was injured.

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>>> what's trending today. my mother's turning 70 years old today.

>> happy birthday.

>> you look beautiful. i love you very much. sorry i can't be there.

>> happy birthday.

>>> also trending this morning, a video you've got to see. next time you're feeling a case of road rage , stop and think of this. in two days, this video has wrapped up more than -- excuse me, almost 3 million views you're about to see. why? when a woman in florida notices a male driver is tailgating her, she starts recording him. after three minutes of that, he tries to cut her off and gives her the universal sign of scoot over. anyway, then just a second later, we learn why this video she called it instant karma .

>> that's what you get!

>> enjoyed that a little too much. yes, the driver lost control of his vehicle, slammed into a light pole. we should mention, nobody was hit, no one got hurt. the driver fled the scene, but thanks to this video being posted, florida police later caught him. he was arrested, charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

>> she's using a video camera while driving.

>> i think he kind of caused her to whip out the camera before. i think she was driving.

>> he was tailgating her, and she pulled up the camera phone to catch him and that's when he gave her that thing --

>> to your point, maybe videotaping and driving also --