TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Man builds real-life Noah’s Ark in Netherlands

Many will be heading to the theater this weekend to see Russell Crowe’s biblical epic “Noah.” But you’ll have to head to the Netherlands to see an actual life-size ark in person. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> people planning to see russell crowe 's epic " noah " this weekend, but if you want to see an actual ark in person, you have to go to the netherlands. that's where we find katy tur.

>> reporter: we're walking along the coast of holland. and what's right here is very hard to understand until you see it full scale. it is a replica of noah 's ark. and religious, or not, it is a sight to behold. it all came to johan in a dream.

>> i dream that it was flooded and it was a nightmare.

>> reporter: a nightmare that inspired him to fulfill his destiny, building his own version of noah 's ark. beam by beam, all by hand and entirely out of beachwood.

>> the drawing and blueprints are in the bible.

>> first the structure and then the residents, after all, what is an ark without the animals? goats, ponies, peacocks, even kangaroos.

>> we get the animals for free. people bring the animals here. for example, the kangaroo, we get him because otherwise they make hamburgers of them.

>> johan 's ark is all part of a resurgence, not of water, hopefully, but of interest.

>> a great flood is coming.

>> reporter: out today, hollywood's take on the epic flood. but who needs hollywood when you have holland? it is so big that we have to use just a little bit of camera magic to get the entire thing into frame. and basically looks like a city block floating on the water.

>> all made of wood?

>> yeah.

>> how many trees?

>> 14,000.

>> three stories high, 75 feet wide and longer than a football field . rob was one of five guys who helped put johan 's ark together.

>> what would it feel like to be on the ocean?

>> it's a big ship . i would be scared but feel safe at the same time.

>> reporter: this is now, not then. here the waters are calm and some of the animals are plastic. after all, there are some stories that are better left to the imagination. so is it seaworthy? well, johan admits, no, it's not. if it was in the middle of the atlantic ocean , it would probably sink like a stone. but it is on barges right now and they hope to get it out to the united states sometime next year. it'll be your big chance to go see it in person.

>> wow. it's cool.

>> it doesn't float.

>> no one can steal it, as well.

>> he promised not to flood