TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Will transparent texting help you walk and text?

Apple filed a patent yesterday for technology that could make messaging safer for people who text and walk. Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.

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>> got willie here covering orange room duty.

>> yep.

>> something special for those of us that might text and walk.

>> i can't tell you how many times i've watched savannah text and walk into a stop sign. we're talking about transparent texting. come with me into carson's orange room back here. this technology is out there. what it is basically, you hold up your phone and you can see through on the rear-facing camera while you text. but check this out, apple now according to the blog apple insider yesterday filed a patent for this technology. they want to corner the market on it. they said there are a couple of apps that allow you to do it. if you read what you believe, apple's would be different. take a look at what it does. we're going to patch this through and you can see as i hold this up, i can actually text.

>> oh, my.

>> hey, tamron.

>> hi, willie .

>> i spelled your name wrong but it autocorrected. now i hit share.

>> no, you're still going to crash into people.

>> the idea here is that while you're walking, you can text like this and see right through the camera.

>> no way!

>> i'm not sure it makes life a whole lot safer for you. we want to ask you, will transparent texting make pedestrians safer? as i said, it's out there, but apple's got a new version of it. yes or no, go to, facebook page or #orangeroom.

>> how did you feel doing it?

>> well, on this one, the window is so small, you're having to -- makes it less safe.

>> all right. oh, boy.

>> down goes willie .

>> the motion sickness element.

>> the idea with apple, your full screen would be transparent