TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Soda or energy drink: Which is worse when you’re beat?

Self magazine’s Meaghan Murphy joins TODAY to answer some tricky health questions, including whether it’s worse to down an energy drink instead of soda if you’re feeling exhausted.

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>>> from a long day at work, you're exhausted and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. should you try to get in a lame workout or blow the whole thing off?

>> to answer that question or more in a game of "which is worse"?

>> and with us is debbie murphy.

>> which is worse, guzzling a can of soda or downing an energy drink ?

>> energy drink .

>> willie?

>> what they said.

>> energy drink . the soda is 140, the energy drink is 160. the fda regulates soda. it can't have more than 71 mill i grams. wild wild west with energy drinks . i say green tea , no sugar, no calories, a nice, gentle boost.

>> nice.

>> moving on. which is worse? skipping a meal after eating junk or dining as usual?

>> skipping a meal.

>> dining as usual.

>> skipping a meal is worse. you chocolate bombed, your energy goes like. you need to regulate your blood sugar and the best way to do that is to reset with a high-protein meal, some grilled chicken , some vegetables and it gives you that mental reset, do over, starting clean, let's get back on track.

>> that's good.

>> next question. which is worse? blowing your nose over and over or sniffling it up?

>> sniffling it up?

>> blowing it over and over .

>> don't sniff it up. get it out.

>> exactly. sniffling it up is worse. you don't want to get out your sinuses. you don't want to blow too hard. you don't want to make your nasal passages swell and exacerbate the infection. post-shower is a good time to clean out. you want a decongestant that has an expe expectorant in it. and avoid dairy products when you're stuffed up.

>> which is worse, squatting or sitting on a public toilet ? we're talking port authority toilet.

>> squatting.

>> i'm going to stay squatting.

>> squatting is worse. when you squat and hover, you can't fully empty your bladder.

>> that's worse for women i'm thinking.

>> this is girl talk , this is girl talk . you guys go ahead.

>> you're not able to fully empty your bladder. in general, public toilet seats aren't the problem, it's the handle and it's the water inside, if there's a splash. public seat toilets are your friend. use them.

>> which is worse, dirty bed sheets or dirty bath towels ?

>> bed sheets .

>> bath towels .

>> i don't want either but bath towels are the worst. they get wet.

>> when you dry off, you're basically rubbing off dead skin cells. get what microbes like to eat?

>> dead skin sells.

>> so you want to wash them in a really hot water cycle at least once a week, use a non-color safe bleach and why not just throw your sheets in, too.

>> fantastic.

>> last question. which is worse? working out hungry or exercising after a meal?

>> working out hungry.

>> working out hungry.

>> i'll go the other way.

>> exercising after a meal. we're talking big meal, high intensity workout. a little snack before workout is not a bad idea, carb, protein mix, a little nut butter . there is research that says working out on an empty stomach might help you burn for fat. the theory is the attention isn't going to digestion, it's going to burning fat.

>> who is the winner?

>> i'm going to go with my girl.

>> which is worse, a lame workout or blowing it off?

>> did we skip that question? oh, my god. how did i do that? so the lame workout. you don't want to do the lame workout. if you're tired, you've got sore muscles, take the time off. that's your body's way of saying i need to rest, repair, recover, resto restore. this is not a permission or excuse to say i'm never going to work out again.