TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Mindy Kaling: ‘I have a big crush’ on Ben Affleck

Actress Mindy Kaling joins TODAY to chat about some of the steamier scenes in her acclaimed series “The Mindy Project,” as well as her Hollywood crush on Ben Affleck.

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>>> the multi-talented mindy kaling , starter wri, writer and producer of "the mindy show." in her last episode, she was flying back to new york to see her boyfriend. will mindy pick danny or cliff?

>> i want you to show me on this what you did to cliff last night.

>> what?

>> show me.

>> all right, this is dumb. fine, danny. his arm was, i don't know, like here. and his hand was i guess a bit cupped.

>> on your breast?

>> yes.

>> and what else? what else?

>> my hand was here in that region.

>> mindy kaling , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we should rerack the kiss because that is a steamy situation.

>> was it hotter than me and the skeleton? i thought me and the skeleton was pretty hot.

>> it was a toss-up but i'm going to go with the kiss. you kind of left on a cliff hanger last season?

>> yeah, that was the hottest thing in the world. we had a little break after the kiss and we're literally en route and this episode on tuesday is the best because we pick up right where we left off.

>> are you going to resolve this or are you going to just keep stringing us along like a bad boyfriend?

>> we don't keep stringing anyone along, i'm too impatient. we have an hour to just like hit you. there's so much like sex and lies and secrets. it's so fun.

>> you've had a lot of guest stars and they all seem to be love interests. tom, jamie are dennis, josh, casey, adam. that's not all of them. i just don't have time to say them all. do you have a list of men you want to kiss?

>> if i do have a list, is that so terrible? you have a list, too being i'm sure.

>> sadly kissing is not part of the job .

>> not yet. it's fun.

>> do you think they blur the lines too much? are you like mindy ?

>> i wish i was more like the character. she parties so hard. she's kissed more men in the season than men i've met in my entire life. independent like, whoa, that's amazi amazing. but she's lives a fun, dramatic life i don't have.

>> early, early in your career you did a play about matt damon and ben affleck .

>> my friend and i did this absurd play where she played ben -- i played ben affleck and she played matt damon .

>> yes, we did this play and i had to play ben affleck of course. i actually met him.