TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Best and worst supermarkets are ranked

Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks joins TODAY to chat about the magazine’s newly released supermarket ratings, and reveals that Wegmans and Trader Joe’s are at the top of the list.

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>>> end of march. not spring-like but that's okay. on monday morning pit bull will take over our plaza. check that out. where should be spending your time and your money. consumer reports is out with its survey. nice to see you. welcome back. people are passionate about their supermarkets in a good way or bad kay?

>> absolutely. love it or hate it, it's something we do over 88 sometimes a year spending thousands of dollars.

>> people want to know about the service, are prices low and cleanliness.

>> those are the key parameters to overall satisfaction that determines a top notch versus a low-nd supermarket. while most stores manage to please most people, there was a tremendous difference between best and worst.

>> here's an abbreviated ratings list. tell us about the stores at the top of the list.

>> in the past decade there's been a tremendous steadiness to the ratings. the good guys are the good guys over and over again. wegman's, trader joe 's is great because it's a national grocer and costco falls short on service but they do well on price.

>> the lowest on the list, the walmart super center . what were people saying was wrong here?

>> 28% of the people on our survey went to walmart br where it fell short was its service, it was subpar and perishables were not too good.

>> we reached out to walmart. they said over the last several years we've taken significant efforts to help improve the quality of our meat and produce and we've seen our customer respond positively to these changes. we offer customers $100% guarantee on meat and produce. if they're not satisfied, they have to just bring back their receipts.

>> let's go to the irritants.

>> number one, too few open checkouts.

>> 19% was the average. walmart, 50% of the customers said that.

>> congested aisles, out of stock advertised specials. this gets under people's skin.

>> it's the lost leaders that come out in the flyers.

>> and scanner overcharges. people should be outraged over that.

>> and they say consider where you want to shop.

>> the warehouse clubs are great because for a $50 yearly fee, you can trouble recoup that investment in one trip.

>> these days just about all the stores on your list have their own store brands. you like people to try them.

>> 22% cheaper on average than the national brand and we found at consumer reports that the quality is often as good.

>> shop early in the sale cycle and be loyal to one store. up next, a hollywood triple threat . actor, writer, producer mindy kaling . first this is "today" on nbc.

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