TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Matt and Savannah have pizza with Will Arnett

Emmy-nominated funnyman Will Arnett visits TODAY to talk about taking on an action-packed role in a movie reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, and shares pizza with the TODAY anchors.

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>> new action-packed challenge that's a reboot of the teen-age ninja turtles .

>> heros are not born, they're created. that's what your father and i were trying to do. create heros.

>> whoo!

>> no, no, whoa, chill. it just a mask. see? don't freak out. all right?

>> that's better.

>> all right, will arnett is somewhere here in our studio, i think. oh, hello.

>> look what i got.

>> pizza.

>> i brought some pizza. my buddies the turtles, it's their favorite thing to eat. i don't know if people knew that.

>> we're fans of pizza as well.

>> take a slice.

>> i will.

>> i pretouched it for you. thank you, will.

>> i'm going to start and ask my first question.

>> oh, i don't eat the stuff. i never touch it.

>> so tell me about your role here.

>> i'm a pizza delivery guy here in new york . oh, in the movie.

>> exactly.

>> by the way, it's a great gig. i play vernon fenwick, i play a guy who gets, you know, wrapped into this whole crazy world with these vigilante turtles.

>> you're not supposed to speak with your mouthful.

>> you're not supposed to. but we're in a time crunch here.

>> are you fan of the franchise?

>> matt's loving this.

>> it like goes against every rule. that's all right.

>> don't talk, doesn't eat on television? that's a rule.

>> don't take pretouched pizza from your co-host.

>> make sure the person washed their hands.

>> tell me about vernon fenwick. you took another bite.

>> he wants an easy life and he comes back to be a cameraman in new york and all of a sudden everything explodes and he finds himself back in the hot spot again. and he's faced with having to help save new york . do i have a little bit?

>> that's fine.

>> let me get ready for my next question.

>> always preload with pizza.

>> this is such a popular franchise, even the trailer gets reviews. is that a lot of pressure?

>> well, great question. you know, we live in a world where you have to -- the trailer has to have an impact. but we're really happy with, you know, especially with something like turtles. it has to -- it has a fan base already built in.

>> what was it like working with michael bay ?

>> well, it was fantastic. he's a -- you know, he's an action film legislate end. and so you have -- he set the bar pretty high when it comes to these kinds of movies. so you want to make sure that you do it justice.

>> well, will arnett , thank you so much.

>> oh.

>> it's actually really good pizza.