TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Christine McVie: I’m rejoining Fleetwood Mac

The original members of Fleetwood Mac, among the most successful rock-and-roll bands of all time, sit down with TODAY’s Carson Daly at singer Stevie Nicks’ home. McVie confirms she’ll be rejoining for a special reunion tour. They’ll perform on TODAY on Oct. 9.

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>> fleetwood mac made rock 'n' roll history with passionate songs about love, betrayal and make-ups. today a gathering of the original five members feels more like a family reunion . christine mcvie left the band in 1998 and for the first time she reveals the surprising reason she stopped touring.

>> i had a fear of flying . i haven't flown for 15 years.

>> she had us all seriously convinced she would never come back.

>> reporter: the rest of the band played on, recording and touring for 15 years without christine , until last fall when she joined them on stage in london to sing "don't stop."

>> welcome christine mcvie !

>> what was that like for you after 15 years to be back with this group on stage?

>> well, walking out in london was sensational.

>> what did it feel like for all of you?

>> time to get the clean exout.

>> all of us were very moved. very moved.

>> emotions were already running high when just a month later when the band announced john mcvie had been diagnosed with cancer.

>> how are you feeling?

>> getting better.

>> you look great.

>> you do.

>> thank you, love.

>> they convinced christine she was ready to make music again. can we make it official? are you rejoining fleetwood mac ?

>> i think that can be said with a definite capital yes, yeah. thunder only happens when it's raining

>> it the latest chapter in a story of love, crushing heart ache and a bond that can't be broken. in 1975 for fleetwood mac for that album, did it immediately gel?

>> we wasn't into a little studio, and we started with a three-part harmony and it was immediate. goose bumps . say that you love me

>> at the beginning of 1975 , the first week, i was a waitress and a cleaning lady. when we came home from the tour, lindsey and i were almost a millionaire together.

>> despite the new-found money and fame, the band's personal relationships were falling apart, adding more fuel to the fire to the music.

>> when it was really bad, what we did not do was we did not take the horribleness into the studio.

>> was the success of the first two records a big part of that? was the success of it what was tearing the relationships apart?

>> in a lot of ways, yeah.

>> people could buy into our stories, they could identify with us, care about us as people and it also fueled the music in a really subjective, powerful way.

>> that second record "rumors," turned out hit after hit and became one of the best selling albums of all time. you can go your own way, go your own way you can call it another lonely day

>> nearly 40 years later the band is still performing their big hits like "go your own way." constant reminders of a time in their lives that was filled with both pleasure and pain. took this love and i took it down

>> every night when lindsey and i do landslide by ourselves, i believe we go back to the moment that landslide was written.

>> it was one of the first things that kind of heralded the beginning of the end of our relationship. that's the way i see that song.

>> you rethat when you sing i -- relive tha t when you sing it?

>> i try not to.

>> when christine left the band, she said they could get rid of her piano.

>> i can tell you the real story . the real story is that we're having fun . thank you, darling. we have an unbelievable hammond oregon that this lady is very happy to see.

>> i am very happy to have it back.

>> turns out stevie has been stashing christine 's pianos in every nook and cranny of her house.

>> it looks like i'm having an estate sale.

>> at the end of the day , hugs and kisses. and a sense that balance has been restored to the rock 'n' roll universe.

>> it really goes back to dust destiny has been a really big theme. it is a fairy tale .

>> it is a fairy with a happy ending . welcome back.

>> welcome back.

>> well, that was a lot of fun, boy. that was unbelievable. all five members of fleetwood mac will be back on four later this year. one of those stops right here, rockefeller plaza . mark it on your calendars, a special live concert october 9th , right here on "today" and we're thrilled.