TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

Oscar Pistorius to press: ‘We’ve got a lot ahead of us’

Oscar Pistorius’ attorney confirms to NBC that the athlete will testify in his own defense at his murder trial. There is much speculation about how he will hold up on the stand. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports.

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>> the defense is making its final preparations to begin the case in the murder trial of oscar pistorius . jeff rossen is in petoria. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. we have heard from experts and seen those infamous text messages . now get ready to hearing from oscar pistorius himself, admitting to reporters "it is a tough time and we have a lot ahead of us." with just hours until they get the case, the oscar pistorius defense team now confirming he will testify, telling nbc news they doesnn't feel they have a choice. i caught up with his lead torn. how is he holding up?

>> i don't know. you have to ask him. i may not talk about the case.

>> reporter: is this personal for you?

>> i don't want to talk about the case.

>> reporter: so humble outside but inside --

>> are you uncertain with your memory there?

>> reporter: he has everyone talking.

>> can you remember how long before the shot you heard the scream? that's the question.

>> reporter: the locals line up just to meet him. people surround you on the streets now to get photos of you. what do you make of that?

>> i'm embarrassed.

>> reporter: now that the prosecution has rested, rue is on and getting pistorius off, legal experts say, won't be easy.

>> reporter: how strong is the prosecution case?

>> oscar has a lot to answer to.

>> reporter: blood spatter, angle of the bullets, angle of the cricket bats and those text messages between pistorius and steenkamp, "i'm scared of you sometimes." he argues most of them are loving.

>> i think they're behind the game at the moment.

>> reporter: many agree it's all up to pistorius now. he says it was an accident, mistook reeva as an intruder. can he convince the judge?

>> he has to open in a frank manner.

>> reporter: he can't get mad at that prosecutor?

>> absolutely not. that will not serve his case.

>> reporter: pistorius has been very emotional in court, at times crying, getting sick, just listening about the details. lots of speculation about how he'll hold up on the stand when he himself has to describe every little detail of that night. pistorius will likely be the first witness up so by the time you wake up tomorrow morning , it will be afternoon here in south africa . we'll have a lot to show you then.