TODAY   |  March 27, 2014

More possible Flight 370 debris sighted

A Thai satellite reportedly detected more potential debris from Malaysia Air Flight 370. But for a second time this week, the search for the plane has been suspended, due to bad weather. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> for the second day the search had to be suspended due to bad weather . let's get to keir simmons , following all of this from kuala lumpur this morning. keir, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it is so frustrating. nine aircraft, six ships set off to try to get eyes on those 120 objects seen in the ocean by that french satellite, but the weather had cancelled the operation just as you say, a thai satellite reportedly spotted 300 objects that need to be checked out in that same area of ocean. cancelled, the search for debris grounded again due to more bad weather , even as thai satellite image were said to show hundreds of objects in the crucial search area in australia and two news conferences from kuala lumpur were called off without any explanation, while a u.s. lawyer representing many families arrived in beijing and claimed they have key questions they want answered.

>> we believe that we're going to be able to prove that the fleet of the boeing 777 has a design defect with the fuselage, with cracks in the fuselage. so we don't really need to wait for the official investigators or for the wreckage of the plan.

>> nbc news reached out to boeing. it had no comment. the 777 does have a strong safety record and authorities said the plane was fully serviced and maintained. malaysia airline said it was aware of the lawsuit but the families remained its top priority. the son of the pilot of flight 3 370 in a news interview.

>> this is her?

>> yes.

>> for him another day without a search is heart breaking.

>> you can't hold a service for a funeral or anything like that or move on?

>> no. give us something. show us something. prove to us something to make us belief. then we can proceed with our lives.

>> that father says he, too, has been approached by lawyers. he says he can't think about that right now, guys, but that he may well sign up and himself involved in some kind of lawsuit.

>> it's heart breaking to see that.