TODAY   |  March 26, 2014

Bravo ‘Dating Rituals’ star tries to hit on Hoda

Three men spotlighted in the Bravo reality show “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” tell KLG and Hoda that when they’re perusing profiles, they pay attention to looks and whether the woman is funny. Another factor that’s important is how quick a prospective date responds to their initial message.

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>>> online dating rituals of the american male. it will leave you shaking your head. first these messages.

>>> dating websites are very big these days. according to, 31% of people met their last date online.

>> a new show on bravo called online dating rituals of the american male goes behind the scenes with real guys looking for love allegedly. take a look.

>> the best part you can go on multiple days the same day. if you like someone you like, blow off the last few dates. it.

>> i'm in the bail bonds difference.

>> i'm a psychologist.

>> i want my free psycho analysis . i read on your profile.

>> is that in a good way?

>> let's meet our bachelors shall we? let's start off with adae bennett, works as a graphic artist. we've met you alex. 27 year-old entrepreneur from texas alex star.

>> bachelor number three jay key. 42 years old and loves cats.

>> first question. i'm sorry. it's a short interview. we picked our favorite trait. that was it.

>> okay.

>> let's start off with you guys. if you want to open a conversation with a woman what's the way you do it online?

>> keep it simple . little hey, how you doing? yada yada . i don't ask them deep questions.

>> my first message. like if i was sending you a message i'd compliment you because you're so beautiful. you're the same guy that said you'd blow off the last few dates.

>> let's be real. love, lust, whatever i'm looking for. if i find it, i'm not going to waste time chasing other girls.

>> i'm not a psycho path.

>> the cat man.

>> i do love cats. that's not my entiidentity. i write something to let them know i read their profile.

>> a lot of girls are worried about pictures they post and profiles. first thing immediately the photograph. do you need a full length picture?

>> i need different angles.

>> not so much anymore.

>> cat man looking good now.

>> cat guy is moving up.

>> all right. okay. what do you like in a profile when you look at a profile. what do you look at first?

>> what she's wearing, how she looks.

>> most important thing is humor. girl has to be funny. like you two ladies, you have a beautiful sense of humor.

>> let's go back to the cat guy.

>> i enjoy humor and beauty u. i like to look at someone that knows themselves well, articulate what they like and what they're looking for. i like specific thing on their profile. what they're interested in, looking for, not looking for.

>> do you want girls who respond quickly or play a game?

>> quick response.

>> how quickly do you meet them after you've made a connect online?

>> right away.

>> actually agree with them. as soon as possible.

>> it's a two way street. girl is looking to go on a date fast too.

>> it's competition.

>> say you're at a dinner. what do you do?

>> little drink or something like that.

>> when i first started dating online, i was finding great pen pal as but not great dates.

>> how long have you been doing this?

>> over a year.

>> i've been doing it three years.

>> have you met anybody?

>> i've met a lot of girls.

>> have you met like a real somebody?

>> i met a girl on the show. you obviously haven't seen the show. me and a girl have gotten very freaky.

>> i'm so out it's unbelievable.

>> what about cat man?

>> online rituals of the dating american male airs on bravo.